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Streets of Rogue

Talking about a game like Streets of Rogue is rather hard. The reason for this is that it is one of the most over the top and open-ended kind of games I have ever played! The experience that I had with it will most likely be rather different from the one you have. That this not meant as a bad thing though. Playing Streets of Rogue (I played the Nintendo Switch version) is one of the most fun and memorable experiences I have had in quite some time.

How to Download Streets of Rogue

The game which their authors compare to GTA, can be purchased from Steam. To start, click on the button Download below this review.

The Game Review

There is a “story” in the game and it is just as crazy as the rest of the game. The idea is that a new mayor has banned stuff that is good like beer! He has also put the whole place under some kind of extreme martial law and chicken nuggets have never been more lucrative! You are a new member of the resistance and you want to put a stop to this mayor by any means necessary.

The folks behind Streets of Rogue call it a “Rogue-lite” kind of game. That for me is the best way to describe it. It has what you would expect from a rogue-lite game such as RPG elements, randomly generated levels, and a retro art style. Trust me I know it is easy to roll your eyes at this as there have been 100 games like this the last few years, but this one does enough to stand out.

The game starts you out with six different classes which eventually expand to over 20. Each “class” has their own motivations as well as loud out and special abilities for you to use. I liked playing as the soldier as he has a handy gun and can blow his way through walls. However, there are plenty of other interesting classes ranging from a bartender to a gorilla! Each one has something that makes them special.

The levels are designed in an overhead kind of way and I love the retro art style. Each stage has your main objectives, but you can speak to people who will give you other tasks to do these are called quartermasters. There is always some fun and silly way that you can get extra loot, money, and gold in Streets of Rogue. I found the general rule seemed to be the sillier the way you cause damage the more you will be rewarded.

The game has plenty of things for you to buy ranging from cosmetics to change the style of your characters to things that can change the way the enemies behave. It can seem a little daunting at the number of things the game throws your way, but it is actually very easy to manage and I always felt like I was moving forward with my progression.

The game can be played on your own or with some buddies online or in local co-op. I played most of it on my own, but playing with a budding sitting on the sofa next to me was a real hoot. I would love to really get a game night going with this as the focus as I am sure it would be awesome.

I think that Streets of Rogue is a fantastic experience. I love the crazy and over the top sense of humor that the game has. The gameplay is fun and it is always different each time you fire it up. I can see this being a game that I come back to many, many times over the years.

Streets of Rogue 2018 Preview

Streets of Rogue is a roguelike game. It incorporates elements of both the adventure and action genre. Developed by Matt Dabrowski and published by tinyBuild Games, the game was released on March 10, 2017. The game bears resemblance to GTA and Nuclear Throne, meaning that it allows for the main player to roam around freely while having the opportunity to join missions and win rewards. Set in a procedurally generated city, each mission is set on its designated floor, where the player can also choose to indulge in daily activities, or into action-based gameplay.

Downloading the Game

You can download the regular version of the game but there is also Streets of Rogue Collector’s Edition available which includes the original game soundtrack. The latter can be also bought and downloaded separately. To begin your download click on the Download button at the end of the review. Once you start playing the game be sure to consult the online wiki which is full of Streets of Rogue tips. The game can be played in a local and online co-op so bring your best friend too. The multiplayer aspect is fun. You can enjoy the game on a PC with Windows, macOS or Linux, on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

The Characters

Featuring a total of more than 40 types of characters, each with their distinct traits, the objective of each floor varies according to the generated story. The tasks revolve around retrieving items, stealing, forming gangs, and fighting people. These characteristics make Streets of Rogue an open-ended game, allowing for endless possibilities to be explored by the main player. Given that each character has their own distinct abilities, no one certain course of action can be taken by the main player.

The Options

The game starts with four options to choose from, Quick Start, Home Base, Online, and Daily Run. Given that you select the option to play the Home Base, you then get to choose the number of players for the game. The option shows that the game supports up to a maximum of four players and minimum one player. When you select the single-player mode, the first floor of the game appears with no apparent mission. The character is free to roam around until they choose to change their floor and sim and advance to the next phase of the game.

Within the base floor, you get access to the hacker who can provide you with mutations. Similarly, you can interact with the doctor who can develop your traits. Both these upgrades require money, of which the medium of exchange in the game is chicken nuggets. Since no missions have been played, no such currency pre-exists before the completion of a mission. You can choose to change your floor from this point on and change your sim. Although the game begins with the Slum Dweller, you can change your character to the soldier, the scientist, the hacker, the gangster, the thief or the doctor.

A total of twenty characters are on display before the start of the first mission. However, only seven characters are accessible from the starting point. Each specific character has the own traits and their own distinct starting items. For the doctor, her traits include being a pacifist and a medical professional. The starting items provided to her include a first aid kit, an EarWarp whistle, and a tranquilizer gun. Likewise, for the Gangster (crepe), his starting items include a pistol, knife, friend phone, and a boombox.

The purpose of the game is to offer a varied storyboard for the player. The game also allows for the player to customize their character, making it an all-in experience, similar to those of RPG games.

Streets of Rogue
Streets of Rogue is a roguelike RPG with old-school graphics. Download it now for some unforgettable gaming experience.
10 Total Score
Streets of Rogue Review Summary

  • I love the retro style to it
  • Plenty of different classes to play as
  • Each class has something fun about them
  • The levels are randomly generated
  • The game is far more challenging than it looks
  • Sometimes it can get a tad too hard when the enemies gang up on you
  • Knowing what to spend your currency on
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