Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is an action game filled to the brim with shooting, police chases, brawls and various missions that pertain to the daily life of a gangster. Among the many challenges, the players have to face there are such as bank robbery, drug dealing,  gang wars or sabotage missions, for instance, the destruction of satellite dishes.

How to Download Grand Theft Auto V

You can download GTA V from Steam.

GTA V – the Plot

The game tells the story of Michael, ex-gangster who decided to leave his criminal past behind and to start helping the police. Thanks to witness protection program Michael is living a comfortable peaceful life, which unfortunately for him stops when he catches his wife on cheating.

As a result, being mad and craving revenge, he decides to demolish the lover’s property, literally bring it to the ground. Unfortunately for him, though this is the estate which belonged to one of the most dangerous people in the city, an infamous drug lord. In this manner, Michael gets involved in a criminal intrigue he cannot easily escape from. The circumstances force him to abandon the life of the reformed and law-abiding citizen and awaken again the bad guy within.

Grand Theft Auto V – the Open World

The setting of Grand Theft Auto V is an (almost) open world. Thus the game is a sandbox, which allows the player for a free exploration of game’s locations. Most of the action takes place in an imaginary city of Los Santos, which is a nearly perfect copy of Los Angeles. It is surrounded by the countryside of California with its typical deserts and mountains.

The players who are not new to the Grand Theft Auto series should be familiar with the world of the fifth installment. Los Santos was also the setting in GTA: San Andreas. Anyone who finished that game should recognize all the locations of Los Santos.

The Mechanics of the Game

In GTA V Rockstar has introduced an innovative gameplay. The game mechanics allow for playing three characters at the same time. The main hero is Michael but his old partner in crime Trevor Philips decides to help him with his trouble and they continue to cooperate. The third person is Franklin, a young poor black guy determined to improve his financial situation, the faster the better. This attitude quickly leads him onto the path of crime.

The player can take control of any of the three protagonists while the change of the hero can happen at any time. It can happen either before the missions or even during them when such change can have a major impact on the mission success or failure. Such an event happens early in the game when we save Michael by quickly switching to the second character.

We are also given a character development model. We can change the character’s outlook but also gain new skills which facilitate our progress into the game.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V is a highly popular action game where the player enters the world of crime and violence. Download it now.
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