Caves of Qud

Caves of Qud is a 2D science fiction RPG roguelike game developed and published by Freehold games. The game is downloadable and features its players to create their own in-game characters and fight against enemies whilst also solving numerous quests at the same time. Caves of Qud is set in a post-apocalyptic age with enemies like mutants, beasts to survive against. The game is currently only available on PC but is set to be fully released in 2019 for PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How to Download Caves of Qud

The game is available for download from GOG and Steam. To begin downloading you need to click on the Download button at the end of this review. Caves of Quid is early access and as of the time of writing is available only for PC. There is no information about a possible mobile version either for Android or iOS.

The Game Review

The game is only available in the single-player mode so far. Before the actual action begins, the players are required to come up with their own customized characters. The game gives them the option to choose from the characters of Mutated Human or True Kin. Each of these characters has their own distinct abilities although the True Kin is comparatively stronger.

The Mutated Human is set up with initially moderate attributes whereas the True Kin has higher starting attributes, along with 20 bonus skill points, bonus resistance, the ability to rebuke robots, and +600 reputation with Putus Templar.

Once the players choose their characters, they must now set up their attributes including strength, agility, toughness, intelligence, willpower, and ego. Players have to strategically divide the total number of points on to each of these attributes accordingly.

Moving on, the players now combine their previous features with numerous mutations both physically and mentally based. The game finally begins with players have to follow specific narrative-based quests. These quests include numerous activities such as battling different monsters and pursuing allegiances with factions. Every monster in the game is as simulated as the player’s character.

The monsters have levels and as the game progresses they become more difficult to fight and survive against. As for the factions, Caves of Qud allows players to choose from a total of 60 factions. Apart from that, the game maps are absolutely huge as each world is nearly 1 million maps large. The game enables a very wide experience of gameplay, as players can dig tunnels anywhere in the world, purchase rare books, clone their own characters and even going as far as eating them alive in order to keep their character alive.

Survival is difficult in the game as the monsters become extremely difficult to fight against. One of the major downside sides of this game is how all deaths are permanent. If a player dies, they are required to start once again from character customization however, this feature also naturally let the players improve by coming up with a better combination of attributes and mutations.

Overall, Caves of Qud is by far the most complex fantasy RPG game available in 2D. The gameplay is insanely wide as it offers over 70 mutations and defects, along with the option to completely diversify the attributes as per the player’s requirements. In short, the overall variety of the game makes it addictive to play even if the players die, they have the urge to get back in the game with a new and improved build in order to progress in it.

Caves of Qud
Caves of Qud is an old-school turn-based RPG with very simple graphics with a lot of text and ASCII characters all around. Download it and survive n a hostile world.
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