Deep Rock Galactic

You know how sometimes a buddy will recommend a game to you that you never knew existed? Then you play it and you are so glad that they did because it is awesome and you are hooked on it? Well, that is exactly what I have experienced with the tremendous, Deep Rock Galactic.

How to Download Deep Rock Galactic

You can download Deep Rock Galactic from Steam alongside with its soundtrack or as a Motherlode Edition which includes access to two DLCs which will become available when the game leaves early access. Another DLC is so-called Supporter Bundle with additional in-game content. To start downloading, click on the button below the review.

The Game Review

My friend described Deep Rock Galactic to me as a mixture of Borderlands, Minecraft, Spelunky and The Lost Vikings. Let me tell you that got me interested right away. The idea of the game is that you play as one of a team of four space Dwarves. These guys are on the hunt for loot, resources and also to put a bunch of butt-ugly alien bugs in their place!

Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player co-op style game. You have a choice of four different classes. Gunner is the class for you if you are all about shooting first and thinking second. Scout is the class that will explore the terrain and provides the team with a safe path. The Engineer class is basically the support class of the bunch. Last, but not least is the driller who can dig through tough rock.

Of course, each of the four classes has their own strengths and weaknesses and finding what class is best for you is a lot of fun. There is a lot of shooting in this game and many times you will enter a cavern that is filled with some kind of rare ore, only to find it overrun with big nasty bugs. The shooting mechanics are very solid so each battle is a lot of fun.

You will certainly want to make sure that you work as a team as you play Deep Rock Galaxy. Once I wandered off from my team as I came across a narrow pathway. I went down there, fell and ended up in a huge area that had more bugs than the sleazy motel down the street. I tried to dig my way back to the team……. That did not work!

I ended up even more lost, ran into more bugs and I died! The cool thing about this was that first of all it taught me that I could not lone wolf this game. It also was a lot of fun and not frustrating in the slightest. That is what I love about Deep Rock Galactic, it is a game that is just all about collecting recourses so you can go deeper so you can kill more bugs.

Presentation wise, I was very happy with the style of Deep Rock Galactic. Even though this is currently in early access there is a nice polish to the game. There are a few technical hiccups here and there, but that is to be expected, especially with a game that randomly generates your play area each time you play it.

In the couple of weeks, I have been playing Deep Rock Galactic, the devs have been awesome. Updates are frequent and whenever there is an issue they tend to address it and let the community know what they are going to do to fix it. I love this from a developer and it shows you that they have a lot of pride in their game.

Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic is a science fiction game with fantasy dwarves shooting alien monsters. Download it now for some hot FPS action.
9.5 Total Score
Deep Rock Galactic Review Summary

If you want to play a co-op first person shooter that is all about having fun, you really cannot go wrong with Deep Rock Galactic. It always keeps you on your toes, it offers balls to the wall action and above all else, I assure you that you will have a great time when you play it.

  • Mixes crafting, collecting and shooting
  • Has some very nice graphics
  • Encourages team play
  • The bugs are gross and that is awesome!
  • Lots of shooting
  • Perhaps they could make more classes in the future?
  • You cannot play this on your own
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