Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale is a multiplayer online battle arena game published and developed by Stunlock Studios. The game features a typical battle royale environment where players get to play as their favorite heroes, raise their skill levels and defeat their opponents to become the last one standing. The game was recently released on 26th September 2018 and is available to download on the popular online gaming software platform Steam for the price of $19.99.

How to Download Battlerite Royale

To download the game (first, watch the trailer) click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can also download Battlerite Royale – Adventure Bundle and Battlerite Royale – Legendary Adventure Pack, which contain extra goodies such as a baby storm wyvern mount or royale chests with gear.

You should also check out the original game simply called Battlerite. If, on the other hand, you want another good battle royale game, look no further than Fortnite Battle RoyaleRealm Royale or the good old PUGB, which is now also on mobile.

The Game Review

Being a combination of both MOBA and battle royale, Battlerite Royale has much to offer in terms of its relatively unique gameplay. So far, the only modes available to play consist of tutorial and the online mode.

Every online server features up to 20 players going head to head against each other within the confinements of a single map. The game begins with players landing from the sky into a strategical position where they can initially collect loot from treasure chests and prepare themselves to take on their opponents.

One of the main distinguishing features of Battlerite Royale is how it only allows players to attack only with those weapons that they start off with. Players can collect and wield numerous items such as boosts or potions in their backpacks but each character only attacks with its own special weapon.

The combat system, much like its other features, is also special in its own entirety. The combat system features every attack to be aimed manually towards the target.

This means that players have to be precise and careful when they attack especially if the target is constantly on the move. Each character in the game has its own special skill set and the combination of attacks but they can further be improved in terms of precision and damage by collecting the relevant items. After collecting items, boosts, and potions, players then engage with each other in combat where the last one to survive wins.

Battlerite Royale Heroes

Although there are rumors of more heroes being released in the full version, Battlerite Royale so far only features a total of 20 playable characters, each of which has their own unique special abilities. These heroes include:

  • the red-haired and ice-cold Alysia,
  • the pyro-kinetic Ashka,
  • Bakko who wields a massive shield and an ax,
  • the happy faun Blossom,
  • the chameleonic Croak,
  • the blue-haired ranger Destiny,
  • the two-hammers-wielding tribe queen Freya,
  • the short scavenger Iva,
  • the white-haired gunslinger Jade,
  • the young assassin Jamila,
  • the massive-bow-wielding hunter Jumong,
  • Pestilus, the head priest of Quna,
  • Raigon, the huge-blade-wielding former crown prince of Quna,
  • the mighty and savage Rook,
  • the old master Shifu,
  • the bald-headed magician Sirius,
  • the wooden Thorn,
  • the glorious armor-clad Ulric,
  • the robotic floating Varesh,
  • and the elegant Zander.


In terms of its gameplay and the overall concept, Battlerite Royale comes out as quite similar to the renowned strategy game DOTA 2. Both the games feature similar environments where players get to choose from a number of heroes. Although the main goals are different, the process of getting there is more or less the same as players have to collect and level up their skills in order to defeat their opponents.

Battlerite Royale
Battlerite Royale is a cross between MOBA strategy game and a battle royale action. Download the game and explore the location on the mysterious Talon Island.
8 Total Score
Battlerite Royale Review Summary

Overall, Battlerite Royale is a very intriguing game which is set in a competitive environment. The new mix allows players to have a very flexible gaming experience from the beginning till the end. Although the game is only available to play in early access so far, it has still managed to impress fans to a great extent.

  • New gameplay allows players to have a better gaming experience
  • Satisfactory graphics
  • Limited heroes to choose from which limits the gameplay
  • Not free to play, unlike most battle royale games
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