Prime World

Developed and published by Nivel, Prime World is a downloadable mix between a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and a multiplayer online battle arena, known as MMORPG and MOBA respectively.

How to Download Prime World

Prime World client can be downloaded for free. To start your adventure, simply click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

Available for PC, Android, and iOS systems, Prime World divides players into two main factions, Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia, and sets them against each other in a conflict for a critical resource known as Prime.

Prime is a kind of energy source that also gives its bearers the ability to alter and dominate the land. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s base or castle, and players make use of a variety of heroes with special abilities and skills that can help in this endeavor.


There are two types of combat in Prime World: PvP and PvE. The difference between the game and other MOBAs is that here you have character progression just like in an MMORPG.

The Game Modes in Prime World

The most popular game mode is Borderlands which has the traditional lanes and bases approach of other MOBAs but Nivel has added other modes including Dragonwald, Outpost, Apocalypse, Homeland, and even a Shuffle mode. Each mode offers a different spin on the core Prime World game style and is pretty cool to play, especially the zombie-themed Apocalypse.

Castles, Heroes, and Skills

As in StarCraft or WarCraft, players can augment their castle by building out new facilities that open up new avenues and units for the player to use. They can also craft new talents and skills that can be used in later matches.

Hero customization is a deep and involved system. Offering over 425 talents, all of which can be upgraded up to four times, players will spend a lot of time building out a unique hero that is unlikely to be duplicated by another player.

There are currently 42 heroes for players to choose from and more could be added in the future. The choice of initial faction does not have any huge impact on the gameplay other than lore and how your character is situated in the game’s world.

The Bottom Line

Players that like MOBAs might not find that much different about Prime World’s approach from the others out there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Innovation is somewhat lacking but fun is not. It’s pretty easy to get into and customization makes it a fresh experience for every player.

On top of that, it offers a lot of different gameplay modes that variate the original concept just enough to make them enjoyable without being frustrating. Persistent character progression is a neat idea but it really doesn’t mean more than a baked-in ranking system when it comes to PvP.

Prime World
Prime World is a science fantasy cross between an MMORPG and a strategy MOBA game. Download it now and emerge victorious.
7 Total Score
Prime World Review Summary

All in all, Prime World is a great game that doesn’t do a lot of stuff new but does a lot of stuff well.

  • Fun, varied game modes
  • Great interface that makes it easy to grasp core gameplay concepts
  • Addictive gameplay and persistent progression make it a compelling option for some gamers
  • Doesn’t do much differently from other MOBAs
  • PvP is really the order of the day
  • Not that innovative
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