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The 2016 reimaging of Doom was truly amazing stuff. It feels like the sequel, DOOM Eternal has been in development forever, but it is here now! Id Software has somehow managed to take what was already an amazing game and make it even better. Seriously this has to be one of the top games of 2020!

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The Game Review

The game takes place shortly after the events of Doom 2016. Earth has been ravaged by a demonic invasion and only the Doom Slayer can stop it. Incredibly, what could be a meathead action movie kind of story is actually quite deep and full of twists and amazing reveals to the Doom lore. The story is frankly quite incredible and it had me invested right from the very start.

While having a great story is cool and all, you play a game like DOOM Eternal for the action! This takes everything that its predecessor did and improves on it in every way that you can imagine. To put it simply, this is one of the most badass, action-packed and fun first-person shooters you will ever play.

The game-like before, always has you moving forward. This is a game that does not want you to go and hide behind cover. You do this and you die! You always, need to attack, going from one demon to the next showing no mercy as you do. The fights in DOOM Eternal are spectacular stuff and the rocking soundtrack as you fight pumps you up big time.

A huge part of what makes the gunfights so exciting is the weapons. You have eight that you can switch between and these things are awesome. Like the previous games, you can find upgrades that let you enhance them such as allowing the shotgun to fire sticky bombs. Each weapon has its own feel and as you have a ton of demons to kill and they soak up ammo, you will be switching between them regularly.

While you will be using a ton of ammo. DOOM Eternal is very clever in the way it always gives you enough to fight. One way to get more is with your finishing off of enemies. This was in the previous game and it is just as gruesome and fun to use here. You also have a chainsaw and this awesome lightsaber looking weapon that can reward you with health and ammo when used.

As well as fighting, you will also have to do some platforming and puzzle-solving. The puzzle-solving is really simple and the game does hold your hand in this regard. The platforming though is greatly improved from doom 2016. You can double jump; wall jump and you have a meat hook which allows you to grapple as well. Platforming in first-person shooters can be problematic, but not here.

I have played the game on Xbox One and it looks fantastic. The hell ravaged Earth and hell itself have never looked so pretty. The game moves at a pretty quick pace too, but you will still want to take in all of the details. The enemies, in particular, have way more fine details and little touches than the last Doom game.

I think this is one of the best first-person shooters I have played in quite some time. Some games are hyped like crazy and never live up to it, but I feel that DOOM Eternal not only lives up to it, it eclipses it. This is a fun game that is full of action, guns, blood, demons and a story that is way better than you would think.

DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal is a science fantasy first-person shooter game. Download it now and kill all the demons and hellspawn that is invading our Earth.
9 Total Score
DOOM Eternal Review Summary

  • The lore here is amazing stuff
  • The new demon types look cool and pose a real challenge
  • Using the Crucible Blade makes you feel like a badass Jedi
  • The game looks amazing
  • It has a really rocking and badass soundtrack
  • I have not yet dived into the multiplayer
  • The higher difficulty levels are super brutal!
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