Battlefield 2042

Today we are taking a look at Battlefield 2042 which is the late 2021 offering from the Battlefield series. So far, reception for this game has been mixed, but it is one of the better multiplayer shooters out there. It is far from perfect, but each time I have fired the game up (I am playing the PS5 version) I have had a fun time.

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The Game Review

Ok, so the first thing to mention is that there is no campaign in Battlefield 2042! This is a massive bummer as a single-player story in this near-future world could have been great. I have to say with Call of Duty: Vanguard offering a blockbuster campaign this year, that alone has probably swayed more people to COD than Battlefield this year.

Let’s get into what this game is all about and that is the multiplayer experience. I think with Battlefield 2042, they are trying to cater to all Battlefield fans, no matter what their favorite game is. I am sure many people when they start playing this will jump straight into stuff like conquest and breakthrough, the stuff we all know and love.

In many ways, the experience has a classic Battlefield feel about it. I like the size of the maps that are available on launch and even the larger ones I felt I soon learned my way around. As a first-person shooter, the game just has a very satisfying feel about it all. The mode that I have enjoyed most is Hazard Zone.

This is just a blast to play and it is what my friends and I end up playing. In Hazard Zone, you need to find these data disks that are around the map. You earn money for kills and missions that you complete. You can then use this in-between to buy specialists, load-outs, and so on. Even when you lose, you make money so you can get a bit more powered up for the next match.

There are plenty of game modes for you in Battlefield 2042. You can even make custom game modes which can have a ton of crazy stipulations. I have a friend who insists we play at least a few rounds where there are only rocket launchers in play! Stuff like this can keep things from getting boring which I like.

The specialists/classes in Battlefield 2042, like in previous games give each player a role to play as well as just shooting. I like to play as a medic for example so taking care of my team as well as getting kills when I can keeps me more invested in the battle. I like how each person on a team has a role to play and I always find you are more successful when each member is playing their part.

As far as the presentation goes, once again DICE has knocked it out of the park. This game is amazing to look at, from the insane weather effects (those tornadoes that throw you up, I am looking at you!) to the destruction that is all around. This is easily one of the best-looking shooters of the year. However, while it is a different time period completely, side by side with COD, I do prefer the style of this year’s Call of Duty more.

There are far too many people that are saying Battlefield 2042 is garbage without actually playing the game! This is a fun first-person shooter and if you have liked past Battlefield games, I am certain you will have fun here. However, if it came down to a choice between this and COD Vanguard, I would actually recommend Vanguard over this as I feel it offers much more.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 is a first-person perspective shooter game that is solely focused on the multiplayer experience. Download it now.
2.5 Total Score
Battlefield 2042 Review Summary

  • I loved the near-future setting
  • Getting in one of those tornadoes is insane and fun!
  • I liked playing my role on a team
  • The game is gorgeous to look at
  • I hate that there is no campaign
  • I do not think it is offering as much value in terms of modes, content, and so on as Call of Duty: Vanguard
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