Outlaws of the Old West

When I heard that there was an MMO coming that was going to be set in the wild west I was all in! I love Red Dead Redemption, I love Young Guns and ever since I was a kid, I have had an interest in the old west so I was super excited when Outlaws of the Old West was available for early access recently.

How to Download Outlaws of the Old West

OotOW can be downloaded from Steam. To proceed, click on the Download button below the review. If you like Western games you should also check out Red Dead Redemption 2, West of Loathing or Turmoil. On the other hand, if you’re more into MMOs check out the pirate-themed game Atlas.

The Game Review

There is so much going on with Outlaws of the Old West that it is really hard to know exactly where to start. They are calling this not just an MMO, but a survival MMO. I was not sure exactly what that meant, but after spending my first few hours with the game I soon realized. There is so much in this game that wants you dead that survival really is a fight.

There is not really a narrative that you will be playing through. Instead, you create your cowpoke and are then on a quest to live the best life you can in the wild west. You will need to go out there and scavenge for items that you can use to make stuff. This was done quite well, but I swear practically everything in the game requires iron!

It is not just crafting that Outlaws of the Old West is going to require you to do. You will also have to do some farming as well. I was not super into the farming if I am honest with you. However, you need to eat and it can also serve as a good source of income for you. In all honesty, farming is something that I really need to work harder on.

One thing that I had a lot of fun with was building my home. The tools that are in the game for creating your own dream wild west cabin are great. Even in this early access state, it is very in depth and if you have the resources you can really get in depth here and create something that is really cool.

Now let’s get onto combat! The combat that is in Outlaws of the Old West is what you would expect. You will have to deal with AI controlled bandits and wildlife and these are a lot of fun to battle with. The wildlife is more challenging than other cowpokes as you never know what they are going to do. I have tried a few times to take on a bear and ended up being lunch each time.

The hunting aspect of the game is very well done and something I have spent a lot of time doing. You are not just hunting for blood sport, you are hunting to get resources that you can sell and even use for your own clothing. I think the way that the game deals with hunting is quite clever and one of my favorite aspects of the game.

As far as dealing with other players goes, I do feel that in this state Outlaws of the Old West is a bit of a mixed bag. Getting into gunfights or even trying to start your own Magnificent 7 is really cool, but some of the people that play this are just jerks. There is a really big “griefing” community in this game which at first was very annoying.

However, to be fair to the people behind the game, they have worked on this and people cannot just rob you, destroy your home and so on as easily as before. Also, sometimes when you die, you can pretty much lose everything that you have. This is a survival game though so I feel that they wanted the steaks to feel really high. I though think that sometimes it feels more unfair than anything else.

It really is hard to fit into just one review all that Outlaws of the Old West offer. They are really trying for something grand and exciting with this game and I feel that they are on the way. It is still in early access so there are some bugs here and there, but if you have an interest in the wild west, I feel that this is a game you will get a real kick out of.

Outlaws of the Old West
Outlaws of the Old West is a Western-themed survival MMO set in an open world. Download it now and enjoy the freedom of the Wild West.
7 Total Score
Outlaws of the Old West Review Summary

  • The wild west setting is cool
  • Has a very interesting day and night cycle
  • There is so much to do it can be daunting!
  • Building your house is a lot of fun
  • Taking down low life’s makes you feel awesome
  • As it is early access it still has some bugs
  • The farming can feel like a chore
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