West of Loathing

West of Loathing might seem like a western game, but its stick figure graphics combined with cool and fun stories really make it an amazing and interesting experience. People that love westerns will particularly enjoy it because the setting actually makes a lot of sense with the story as a whole.

How to Download West of Loathing

West of Loathing can be downloaded from Steam. To begin downloading, hit the button below this review. You can also get the OST (soundtrack) and the DLC: West of Loathing: Reckonin’ at Gun Manor. And if you like Wild West games you should definitely check out Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Game Review

To put it simply, you are a young cavalier and your goal here is to make it in this world, learn more about it and obviously not get killed. There’s a whole lot of stuff to be had here, such as missions where you browse snake-infested gulches, investigate spittoons, battle demon cows and kick skeletons. The game does an amazing job when it comes to setting a good gunslinger story, but it knows not to take itself too seriously, which is what you really want from something like this.

There are also some great customization options, you can change the look of your figure as you see fit starting with length, size and so on. There are more than 50 hat types in the game too, so that on its own can be incredibly interesting and rewarding. It’s the type of thing that does pay off immensely and it’s exactly what you will have to focus on when it comes to stuff like this.

Turn-based combat might seem a bit strange for a game like this, but it does work. It allows you to analyze the situation and act only when necessary. It might seem odd for a lot of people, yet you will end up enjoying it more and more as you play. Even if it definitely takes a while to get used to and enjoy everything, the results will be great and that on its own is what you always need to consider with this type of thing in the game.

We also liked the fact that you have freedom of choice. You can choose to bypass puzzles or you can solve them. You can also browse and complete every quest or skip quests if you want to do so. There are always cool things you can do and ideas you can try out, and the game never rushes you through anything. Sure, it will get better if you do some things, but it never encourages you to do stuff that you may dislike. And that on its own is super important.

The animation, music, and art are all pretty good. Granted, the art style might be bad for some people, but those that will enjoy it will like it quite a bit. And the best part is that the developers added new stuff, so the game is complete and exciting from start to finish. You can always encounter new and cool stuff, not to mention you will be pretty happy all the time thanks to the humor and funny moments. Overall, it’s a great package for everyone that likes westerns, and it has its own character and sense of humor too.

West of Loathing
West of Loathing is a cartoon style black and white Western game. Download it now for a role-playing adventure in the Wild West.
10 Total Score
West of Loathing Review Summary

  • Fun way to explore the wild west
  • Lots of freedom
  • Great animation and music
  • The visuals take some getting used to
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