Turmoil is a downloadable simulator in which you are involved in the extraction of crude oil in the Wild West. The game has been released in June 2016. It has an interesting plot and nice graphics which ensures game longevity. The developer and the publisher of the game is Gamious. The studio which was founded in 2011 is also responsible for such titles as Elegant Engineering, All You Can Drill and Team Racing League.

How to Download Turmoil

To download Turmoil, click on the Download button at the end of the review. There is also a DLC available called The Turmoil – The Heat is On DLC, which was released for download on March 21, 2018. In the add-on, the players are given a new city, new drilling mechanisms and new characters.

The Game Review

In the game, you play as an oil baron building his oil campaign empire. Your job will be to extract, transport and sell oil. Each stage must be planned and carefully implemented. In order to earn petrodollars, you need to put up drilling towers, extract “black gold” and arrange ship transport to the recipients. Each part of the mission can be done in many different ways, and the game does not set any barriers or limitations. During the gameplay, you are free to buy upgrades to thus be able to extract oil from under ice or rocks. All of this requires analytical thinking and mining planning.

In Turmoil, we compete with other barons obsessed by the oil rush. The game provides you with various locations, such as a saloon, bank or shop where you can stock up.

The plot of the game is well-thought-out and does leave room for boredom. There are no clearly defined goals to perform. You can plan the mining strategy as well as the entire business strategy in any way you like. Turmoil is this kind of game that pulls you in longer. There are many similar games on the market, but Turmoil clearly differs from the competition.

Turmoil can boast neat cartoon graphics. The world in the game which consists of houses, oil wells or mountains looks believable and allows you to fully focus on the game. The interface is made at an equally high level. A clear menu and thoughtful button placement make the game easy to play.

Turmoil Hardware Requirements

Turmoil does not require advanced computer equipment. To run the game, you only need 2.5 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM and 100 MB of free disk space. The game is offered in several language versions.

An additional element that deserves praise is the website. The publisher has added a lot of valuable content such as game tips. In addition to the guides on how to play, you will find information about the developers, pictures from the game and numerous video materials. It helps a lot to get to know the game and its possibilities.

Turmoil is a proposition for the players who like tactical approach in the game. This title will be also suitable for the players who value moments of relaxation during strategic planning.

In Turmoil, dig to find oil, and then earn money by selling it. Download the game and become an oil business baron.
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