Forager is an indie game from a studio called, HopFrog. This is one of the simplest games I have ever played, but it is also one of the most addictive. Forager is the kind of game in that when you read about it you say “what is the big deal?” However, once you have played it you then understand why so many people are addicted to it.

How to Download Forager

You can download Forager either from Steam or from GOG. To begin, click on the Download button below this review. The game is inspired by such titles as Terraria and  Stardew Valley.

The Game Review

The game has a top-down point of view and a very retro kind of art style. While I think the retro-looking indie game has been done to death at this point. There is so much charm to Forager that it is impossible not to like what you are seeing. The basic look of the game fits the overall gameplay very well.

You start of (you are a little white pixel looking guy) on a small island and the game gives you a little nudge to start you off. You need a furnace and a crafting table, but before you can make them you need the resources. You need to go and bust down trees, rocks and whatever to get the resources you need. You then craft what you need and that is basically it. Getting XP, upgrading your stuff and getting new stuff is what the game is all about.

I know it sounds very simple, but it is just so addictive and so much fun. You need food to survive as this is what replenishes your health. You need items for other characters and this drives you to keep exploring. You need a bigger bag to carry more money and you need weapons to fight enemies. Even something like fighting enemies is a relaxing experience in Forager.

You always want to go to a new island to see what is in store for you there. Many of the islands that I encountered so far will have one person (or thing) there. This can be a dungeon, a puzzle or maybe even a new character for you to deal with. It has a little bit of story and this strives you to keep on foraging for whatever you can find.

One thing that I really liked was how even when you pick an island clean, stuff grows back. Heck, even the animals in this game will grow back! Forager is a game that keeps you going and it is the kind of game that is so easy going and automated that you can have Netflix or YouTube on while you play this.

I made a point to say this because the game starts up in a rather small window so it is like they expect you to be doing something else as you play. It is a very interesting thing for a game to do and not something that I think I have ever actually seen another game do.

Clicking is the main thing that you will be doing in Forager and it feels very satisfying. I am fully aware that many people reading this will think that the game is shallow and boring, but it is certainly not. It is very simple, but its simplicity is really what makes it such an addictive game. Those who “get it” will find themselves playing Forager for hours on end.

Forager is a very strange game, but it is also one of the most fun indie games I have played in quite some time. It is not the most amazing concept when you say it out loud what the game actually is. However, Forager does what it does very well and it is a charming, fun and super addictive experience.

Forager is an open-world role-playing game with a focus on survival. Download it now and enjoy its colorful yet simple graphics.
9 Total Score
Forager Review Summary

  • I love the retro art style
  • Some of the people you come across are fun
  • The game is very addictive
  • It is simple and easy to get into
  • You can watch a movie while you play
  • It will eat up hours of your life at a time
  • I do think that some people will simply not get into it
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