Terraria is a game from Re-Logic, a relatively unknown game developer. The game was released in 2011 and on the surface, it can resemble a typical platformer with a 2D view. Graphics-wise Terraria is certainly a tribute to the games of yore, from the 8-bit era. Still, Terraria is a complex action and economic game.

How to Download Terraria

To download Windows version of Terraria click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available online on Steam.

So What’s the Genre?

As we have already said Terraria might seem to be a classic example of a platform game where the player has to jump from a platform to platform in a two-dimensional environment.

Different worlds the player visits might have different visual themes, different levels of difficulty, be more or less varied, may contain different traps or bonuses to gain. To reach new worlds the player has to jump, fight and avoid danger. But besides the arcade elements, the Re-Logic’s creation has a major economic side. The player can raise structures, fortify them and maintain them. There will be regular buildings and there will be strongholds.

The World of Terraria

The setting of the game is a 2D open world. The locations are diverse. They include underground caves, cosmic environments, woodland settlements, mountain paths, weird mechanical labyrinths, beautiful beaches and more. What makes Terraria different from similar action games is a procedurally created world. The locations are unlimited and each time we play the game totally different. The world is always created from scratch and there are always completely new areas to discover.

The Gameplay

Terraria has features from different genres. The heart of the game is fighting the enemies and defense of the world against the invaders. But it’s not just a fighting game. The arcade elements are mixed with economic decisions to be made. The player’s task is the construction of shelters, houses, fortresses, castles, and even gardens. To this end, the player has to dig, build, reinforce but also plant and water crops.

For the fight to be successful the hero will need to spend time looking for new weapons. To achieve that digging through corridors, harvesting for resources and crafting will be necessary. The weaponry can be even upgraded in order for us to be able to fight even more tasking monsters.

The Enemies in Terraria

The forces of evil in the game are numerous: slimes, robots, bio mechs, electronic spirals, the pirates with mighty sabers, skeletons, warlocks, worms, giant scorpions or winged devils are the bread and butter. This diversity is the characteristic trait of Terraria.

Terraria is a 2D action game with an economic theme and retro graphics set in an open procedurally created world. Download it now.
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