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Sandbox games are probably the most modern game genre even though they were not born in the modern era of gaming. This is because almost every title out there, whether it makes sense or not, is incorporating some element of a sandbox game into their underlying mechanics. Sometimes this results in really zany, unique creations like Fortnite with its battle royale-slash-Minecraft-esque gameplay. Worlds Adrift just might be one of those titles, depending on your tastes in games.

How to Download Worlds Adrift

You can download Worlds Adrift from Steam but that’s not the only game-related stuff there. You can also get free Worlds Adrift Island Creator and play to your heart’s content unleashing your creativity. Last but not least you can get Pioneer Edition Upgrade DLC, which contains soundtrack, Twitch Stream Pack, an artbook and three in-game items. TO begin your experience, click on the Download button below.

The Game Review

Advertised as a massively multiplayer online sandbox game, Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift is a unique title that sports a compelling open-world mechanic as well as charming, lush graphics and tight gameplay.

One of the main features touted by the devs is that player actions in the game have real consequence. Though not a surprising feature, since it is a sandbox game, Worlds Adrift’s unique combination of exploration and mechanics are what make it a markedly different take on the franchise.

Set among the clouds, the landscape of the world in the game revolves around the floating islands described by the title and your ability to get to them and explore them. In order to do so, you will need to build an airship in the game.

Because Worlds Adrift places a premium on realistic physics, every object has a weight to it that impacts how it interacts with the world. Gathering the materials necessary to build your airship will let you take it to other worlds floating in the ether. Once you arrive at those worlds, you can then explore them as your character avatar.

To make this easier, Bossa Studios gives your player character a grappling hook that he can use to explore the world around him. This Bionic Commando-esque mechanic makes exploration seamless and fun – much like Breath of the Wild’s “climb anywhere” mechanic. In fact, you can actually climb around on almost any surface in Worlds Adrift, just like in The Legend of Zelda: BotW.

It doesn’t always work the way it should but it is yet another feature of this title that makes it different from other games.

Narratively speaking, the game presents an emergent story that is gradually uncovered as the player explores the world around them. Peppered with mysterious ruins seemingly left behind by a now long-gone civilization, Worlds Adrift doesn’t make anything explicit in terms of what is going on and why but instead leaves it up to the player and his individual pacing to discover its mysteries.

There are enemies and non-violent creatures you encounter during your exploration but, being a sandbox game, it is all up to you as to how you deal with them.

Worlds Adrift
World’s Adrift is a steampunk MMO. Download it now to enter a steampunk open world in which you will create your own destiny.
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Review Summary

Bossa Studios’ crafting system in World’s Adrift is almost as painless as the exploration itself. A sandbox game in its truest sense, World’s Adrift is the game for the Minecraft player who is a little burned out on that experience.

  • Amazing physics engine that ties everything together
  • Graphics, sound, and controls are all class leading
  • Unique gameplay premise makes World’s Adrift compelling
  • As a sandbox game, it isn’t for everyone
  • Scant story and equally little reason to care about it
  • Emergent gameplay means the best remains hidden to some players
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