Fortnite is a survival game available for download, which is played in a world dominated by monsters. The player’s task is to explore, accumulate resources and build defensive fortifications. All of this is done to successfully fight zombies. This game is based on a co-operative system in which the players play the members of the zombie extermination team of talented heroes. They have the task of defending the gates of their fort so that nothing passes through them, and try to close the passage with the help of a device called ATLAS. The game is available on a PC with Windows and macOS, on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as Android and iOS devices (for the latter only in the battle royale mode).

How to Download Fortnite

To download the game you must first download the Epic Games Launcher for free. Then you will be able to choose Fortnite installation. Epic Games also offers other games such as Paragon, Unreal Tournament or Shadow Complex. To start Fortnite download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a separate game that is included as part of the Fortnite download. This is a completely free PvP mode, in which up to a hundred players can participate. As in any battle royale game, the winner is the daredevil who will be last to stay alive.

The Gameplay and the Storyline

The plot tells the story of a great storm that caused the majority of the population to perish. After the storm, various strange phantoms and zombies have appeared (to read more about the latter creatures, see also our great article about the best zombie games).

The three main items on the player agenda are building, surviving and shooting. To be able to do these tasks, you have to befriend a pickaxe. Thanks to it, you can collect various types of resources, such as wood, metal, and stones.

The gathered resources are used to build fortifications in the main area. They are also used to for protection during missions. You can build stairs or platforms, additional walls or monster traps.

The player can also make or upgrade weapons. There is a choice of melee weapons and heavier equipment, such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and standard guns. However, there is no way to repair a weapon if it is broken and you have to re-manufacture it.

When building a fortress, you can also create a hospital wing. There is also full freedom in the design of security systems and traps, such as a floor connected to electricity or spikes, mines, automatic guns and poison gas clouds. The terrain and the map in the game are generated randomly, and the actual action begins from the moment you undertake a given mission, which is marked on a special map.

The game heroes defend the survivors, that is, the independent characters who live in this post-apocalyptic, yet colorful world. The cooperation between the players is important (which is no surprise as this is a co-op game), and the division of duties depends on the type of character. Fortnite is a paid game in early access, with additional micropayments, but ultimately the title is going to be free-to-play. To download it before the announcement, you should buy the Founder’s Pack in Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe or in the Limited Edition. Early access means that the title is in development and the game is constantly changing. The game creator is Epic Games

The Character Classes in Fortnite

The player can choose to play one of four characters. They are a constructor, an outlander, a ninja, and a commando. Each of them has different properties. Thanks to the constructor you can build buildings faster and cheaper, the outlander is able to collect resources faster, the ninja jumps and fights well, and the commando is a specialist in firearms. Each character develops and at the same time receives new abilities. The players have also their own headquarters, which they can freely expand and build new rooms such as the armory or command center.

Fortnite is a survival action game where you save the world and its inhabitants with your three friends from the hordes of zombies. You also have a fort you have to defend, which, in anticipation of the night attack, you fortify and add deadly traps to it. The game also offers a free Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Download without thinking!
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