Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a town building/survival style of game. It actually mixes in quite a few genres of games together and does it pretty well. As I write this the game is still in fairly early access so that is something to keep in mind. Still, in this early stage, the game is showing a lot of promise and I have had a lot of fun with it.

How to Download Medieval Dynasty

To download the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like the idea od “Dynasty” games, check out also Farmer’s Dynasty, a game also published by Toplitz Productions.

The Game Review

The “story” of the game is that you play as a guy who has fled his war-torn home and you want to start anew. This is easier said than done and you have to pretty much start with nothing and build from there. Think of how you start in a game like Minecraft and you will have an idea.

The ultimate goal is that you want to not just survive but really flourish. You do this by improving your stats and also building a “town” where you have other people looking out for you. The premise in all fairness is something we have seen a million times before by this point, but Medieval Dynasty pulls it off well enough that it does not feel like a rehash of another survival style game.

You have to craft items in this game. This is not unusual and it is easy enough to do, but man, do buildings require a ton of logs! The gathering of resources does take up a lot of your time and time management, in general, is very important in this game. You see, the game is split into seasons and each season is only three days long.

This means you have to decide to hunt on one day, build on another, farm on one, and so on. The seasons are very, very short, but they have said this will be improved as the game progresses through development. As of now, it always feels like you never have quite enough time.

Hunting animals is quite tricky, when you nail one with a spear or arrow, they will usually high-tail it out of there. I like this as it makes hunting more challenging and more fun. You need to hunt a lot as you are always hungry! The game has various meters like hunger, stamina and so on and these deplete are far too quick a rate.

I am sure this is going to be addressed in an update sooner than later. As of now, you have to eat one large animal a day just to survive, this can be rather frustrating when you need to do something else, but you have to go hunting again. It is not game-breaking or anything like that, but it certainly needs looking into.

The building aspect is very easy to do. There is a great variety of buildings to craft even in the games rather early state. For example, you need buildings for various kinds of storage as well as a place to sleep. There is this “wheel” kind of system for using your stuff and it makes building things relatively easy.

You can also craft weapons, tools, and so on and these will be updated in the coming months. As of right now, there is enough stuff for you to work towards crafting. There is also a skill tree which I am sure is going to be also more fleshed out as the devs work more on expanding the game.

I have to say that Medieval Dynasty is a great looking game. They have gone for a more realistic looking game and I like it as the first-person perspective makes you feel like you are there. There is a narrative running through the game so you can stay on that path if you like. However, you are also given the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want.

Even though there are many games of this style out there, Medieval Dynasty has the potential to be something special. I have spent a few hours with the game and so far, I like where they are going. Of course, there are more than a few things that need addressing as the game moves along development. However, if you enjoy survival style games, I highly recommend that you give this one a try.

Medieval Dynasty
Medieval Dynasty is an open world simulation of medieval life. Download it now, survive and build your future.
9 Total Score
Medieval Dynasty Review Summary

  • I liked the medieval setting
  • The presentation is great even at this early stage
  • Plenty of things for you to make
  • I enjoyed the story of the game
  • There is so much to do here such as combat, farming, building, and so on
  • The seasons happen way to fast
  • Your survival meters drain way too quickly
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