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One area that is often neglected somewhat when it comes to racing titles is motorcycles. These bikes with an engine are rarely, if ever, the subject of a popular racing title but in the downloadable Ride 3 (2018), they are the game’s reason for being. The game continues the success of Ride (2015) and Ride 2 (2016).

How to Download Ride 3

You can download Ride 3 from Steam. It’s enough to hit the Download button at the end of the review and you’ll be ready for your motorcycle experience.

The Game Review

Racing games emerged from the depths of the early 1980s arcades and have had a grip on the popular imagination ever since. Whether you’re a Gran Turismo fan or a Forza fanatic, the different types of racing games on offer out there is pretty mind-boggling.

There’s vehicular combat like that found in Mario Kart or Twisted Metal, and there’s also off-road vehicle racing as well as truck driver simulators.

If you’re a gearhead that’s longed for a serious motorbike sim, then Ride 3 is your ticket to the virtual pavement.

Developed and published by Milestone S.r.l., Ride 3 is a photo-realistic motorcycle racing sim that allows for full customization of your ride as well as your rider. 

The Game Content 

Featuring 230 different motorcycles, Ride 3 features models that are both classic and on the market now from 30 manufacturers. These models are conveniently sorted into seven different categories to allow for easier selection based on rider preferences.

The livery editor allows for full mechanical and aesthetic customization of your motorcycle and the results are gorgeously rendered models that are true to life and historically accurate.

You get the opportunity to race on one of 30 different tracks taken from real courses featured around the globe on the motor racing circuit. Lovingly reproduced in immersive 3D landscapes and environments, these tracks offer varied challenges and unique vistas for players to explore. Scenes include both rural and urban areas as well as a range of environment and biome types to drive through.

The Game Modes in Ride 3 

One feature that has many critics singing Ride 3’s praises is its vaunted career mode. Featured in a ton of different racing sims, Ride 3’s career mode has many of the same gameplay features found in those games but does most of it in a unique way. Rather than offering players a linear progression or something tied into a narrative structure, Ride 3 uses a unique “volumes” structure that parses out different types of career mode competitions through motorcycle racing magazines featured in the game.

It is unique and somewhat obscure but, once you get used to it, you realize it is nothing more than a sorting system like the one the devs used for the bikes.

Ride 3
Ride 3 is a motorbike racing game. Download it now to race all over the world on one of the hundreds of available motorcycle models.
8.5 Total Score
Ride 3 Review Summary

Overall, Ride 3 is an incredibly compelling package. It is not only well made but it is also unique enough to warrant a look from people who think they’ve done it all when it comes to racing games.

  • Amazing motorcycle simulation game that offers a ton of real-world models and a lot of tracks to race
  • Graphics are great
  • There’s something for everyone and Ride 3 never forces you into any one path
  • If you don’t like racing games we doubt that motorcycles will move you
  • Volumes structure is somewhat obscure
  • Historical models are interesting to biking fans but might not mean much to the rest of us
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