At its core, BallisticNG is a fine-racing game, which captures the key traits apparent in its archetypal role-model. Mostly, this is a fun, and frantic racing sim which pays heartfelt respects to the much loved granddaddy” of intergalactic racers, Wipeout.

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The Game Review: an Exhilarating Blast from The Blast

All in all, the fast-paced action infuses with all that psychedelia inducing, vivid color to concoct a rich blend which compliments the game to a significant degree. Both of which create an intoxicating and fun element to the game.

As a result, traveling towards the speed of light in antigravitational machines that defy time and space has never been so fun. So then, this reincarnation of the famous Wipeout games captures all the magic for a modern-day crowd. It’s lights out entertainment all the way to the finish line.

It all feels like an extension of the core Wipeout experience, whereby players whizz around futuristic tracks at ground-breaking speeds. I mean, there is even the nippy space buggies tanked up to the max with hi-tech weaponry. To cap it all off, players can compete on a wide variety of tracks. All of which contain turbo charges and tricky cornering sections to master

Speed pads provide a boost for a short duration of time. However, players can reach optimum speed by hitting three in sequence. Surely this is how the game was born to be played. That is, the wind shooting through your hair at nerve-shredding speeds. Although, it’s best not to roll the window down, of course.

What with the potential hazards that come with high-speed endeavors. Although, this level of speed does require some silky skills behind the wheel, a steady nerve and perhaps, a death wish.

There are three critical points to BallisticNG, and these are as follows: Guns, gadgets, oh, and more guns. So then, there are many ways to gain an edge over the competition. One of these methods is to make use of the many arms on offer to the player.

There is a wholesome arsenal to deploy against your fellow speed-hungry foes. These come in the form of laser beams, rail guns, rockets, and cannons. Also, defensive tech like shields, provide temporary invincibility for up to five seconds.

Better still, wormholes catapult the player forward, and E-packs restore vehicle integrity. Auto-pilot is another useful tool which centers the vehicle. Allowing players better control when tackling tight corners, bends and narrow portions in the track.

Thrill-seeking, adrenaline-junkies, and fans of the Wipeout series will get along famously with BallisticNG. Not only that but the visuals are a surreal bombardment for the senses. The high octane and the heart-stopping pace of it all, mix well with the pedal to the metal nature of play.

Furthermore, as the streams of neon lights flash by, and those other racers lay hot on your heels, a sublime sense of wonder takes hold as you bid for the top spot. As a thrill-based commodity, BallisticNG ticks all the boxes, and in doing so, it tips its hat off to the games that created this niche genre all those years ago.

Do you think this racer acts as a homage to the Wipeout series, or does it stand in a class of its own? Please get in touch by posting your views below.

BallisticNG is a science fiction racing game. Download it and join the furious multiplayer action in one of the many game modes.
9.5 Total Score
BallisticNG Review Summary

  • Pulse-racing action
  • Stimulating environments drenched in color
  • Futuristic weapons and gadgets
  • May need a lie down between sessions to give the senses a well-earned rest
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