Trials Fusion

TTrials Fusion is a trial based game, so in this downloadable title your goal is to learn the map and use all your skills in order to complete everything as fast as possible. It might seem a bit hard to do that at first, but the best thing about the game is that it’s rewarding and even if you miss something, you can always get back and have fun with it as you see fit.

How to Download Trials Fusion

You can download Trials Fusion from Steam. There is also a free downloadable demo of the game so you can try out it out before committing to purchase. Additionally, you can get a considerable number of DLCs S that will add new tracks, challenges, and achievements to the mix. You should also look out for the 2019 release of the sequel to the game called Trials Rising.

The Game Review

The game has a futuristic tone, but it doesn’t have a particular story. What you do have is a collection of levels that are pretty long at times and the title does an amazing job at making the gameplay very intense and fun.

There are eight zones in the base game, and that’s enhanced with even more content via DLC. There are lots of DLC for this game, but you do have a complete edition to look forward to.

Trials Fusion runs smoothly and a lot of people will like the great visuals and interesting quality that comes from this title. The game world is beautiful and the soundtrack is also amazing. They really took on the futuristic tone and they added a plethora of unique and fun moments that you can enjoy and explore all the time.

However, this is where the challenge comes into play. If you ever played a Trials game before, you know what you are getting into with this. You will have to replay every level, again and again, many times until you complete it.

And there are global leaderboards per level, so you can actually spend hours trying to master a single level. That can be very frustrating if you think about it. Sure, it will be amazing once you finish everything, but it does require a lot of hard work.

The Bottom Line

That means casual players will have a bit of a hard time to fall in love with this game. It’s really good, a lot of people will like it, but at the same time, you have to realize that using a controller is a must. The control scheme is nice and all, but playing this via a keyboard will be super tricky. That’s ok, however even if you try your best you can end up on the position 100 on the leaderboard. But then again that will give you the drive to try and play again and again. Which is what really matters as a whole if you think about it.

Trials Fusion
Trials Fusion is the fifth racing game in the established series that had its beginnings in 1999. Download it now and get on your virtual motorcycle.
7.5 Total Score
Trials Fusion Review Summary

Is Trials Fusion worth your time? If you played any Trials game before, adding in new levels is always a great idea. And the best part is that the futuristic theme, great visuals and soundtrack really add up. Plus, you do have lots of new tricks to learn. However, you do need to be dedicated to the game and grinding required to unlock all new stuff. But once you unlock that the game will be amazing.

  • Lots of levels to play
  • Impressive visuals and OST
  • Steep learning curve
  • Requires a lot of grinding
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