Platform Games

Sonic.EXE – The Game


Sonic.EXE is one of those games that have been circling the internet for many, many years at this point. Originally based off of the creepypasta, this fictional story told the tale of an individual ...

Psychonauts 2


Psychonauts 2 is a game I wanted, but I never actually thought I would see! Released over 15 years after the original and about 5 years after the VR game, Psychonauts 2 is every bit as fun as those ...

It Takes Two


It Takes Two is an unusual game, it’s somewhat of a mishmash of multiple genres in games combined into a platforming romantic comedy. Developer Hazelight Studios do a commendable job of showcasing ...



Grimm or American McGee's Grimm if you want to go by the game's full title is an episodic adventure/platform game. This is a delightfully twisted and gross version of some of classic fairy tales that ...

Katana ZERO


Katana ZERO is a cool action platformer with a bit of puzzle-solving and a style that is unique. The version of the game I played was on the Nintendo Switch. As well as the Switch, Katana ZERO is ...

The Free Ones


Ever since the first Mirror's Edge game, I have been waiting for the next amazing first-person platformer. The Free Ones here does manage to do a few things right and in a way scratches that ...

Spelunky 2


The best way to look at Spelunky 2 is that it is not reinventing the wheel, but it is bigger and better in every way. The original game was and still is a fantastic roguelike platformer that once it ...

Jump King


I must admit that if Jump King did not have the awesome subtitle of There Is A Smoking Hot Babe At The Top, it could have flown by me. The subtitle along with the fact that many steamers are losing ...

A platform game also known as a platformer is an arcade video game in which a player controls a character that moves through the multi-level locations (platforms) of varying difficulty. Examples of the platform games are Rayman, Sonic, or Crash Bandicoot.

This genre of video games was big in the era of 8-bit consoles at the break of the 80s and the 90s. The classic games of this type are characterized by a high level of difficulty because of their origin of arcade machine titles. As the computing power increased the platform games moved from the 2D environments into full 3D.

The mechanics of these games are based on jumping which enables us to move through the levels. We also need to avoid traps and numerous enemies. In order to successfully complete a level one usually, needs to collect a specified number of special items or beat a boss. On our path, we can also find different power-ups which enhance the abilities of our character.

One of the most renowned and recognizable brands in the platform games world is Mario. The games about the adventures of the Italian plumber are a standard example of the game of the genre. Another classic is Donkey Kong which made its debut in 1981 on arcade machines.

Currently, the platformers after many years of absence slowly come back. Many of the new productions have features that are typical of the genre. More and more video platform games are being released, among them AAA productions and little gems from the indie scene. The old hits are also remastered and released again. A good example is the new Rayman which was warmly received by the community of the players. The modern titles include references to their ancestors simultaneously offering more satisfying gameplay adapted to the tastes of the contemporary players.

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