As a fan of Metroidvania style games, Minoria from Bombservice is a game I have had a lot of interest in. This is a style of game that many people love and I would say that it is also a style of game that either clicks for you or does not. Well, let’s take a closer look at Minoria and see if it is the Metroidvania game we have all been waiting for in 2019.

How to Download Minoria

The game can be downloaded from Steam or GOG.com. T proceed, click the Download button at the end of this review. And id you like the genre check out also Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or The Messenger.

The Game Review

While this is not as story-driven as I would have liked. I will say that the overall premise is fantastic! The game is about warrior nuns who kick all kinds of ass and will stop at nothing to destroy these evil witches that stand in their way. This is so cool and the idea of the story is something that really clicked. I do feel that while the overall story is lacking, the premise does keep you moving forward.

I know I have used the word “Metroidvania” about a million times already. However, that is really what this game is. There is a nice large area for you to explore and filling out the map, exploring rooms, collecting loot is a lot of fun. The most fun though comes in the form of the excellent combat system that the game has.

Combat in Minoria is a major highlight and in many ways, it plays out like a fighting game. The combat is very quickly paced and while you can use standard attacks. Blocking, dodging, parrying as well as magic spells are all used and help make the combat fun and satisfying.

The different spells that you can equip are very interesting. You can, of course, have ones that will be offensive such as a fireball. However, you can also have spells that will give you various buffs like better health and so on. The way you switch between these is a bit on the awkward side at first, but you do get to it.

There are plenty of what I class as cannon fodder style enemies to destroy. These are actually battles I would look forward to as the game is very generous with XP. The mini-bosses and especially the bosses are awesome. They are not only a great deal of fun for you to fight they are also really cool looking from a design point of view.

Which brings me to the presentation of the game. I was very impressed with the visuals of the game. This is such a clean, smooth and well-designed game that I found myself taking it all in. From the character designs, the backgrounds and the effects when you do special attacks. You are going to be very impressed with the way the game looks. Not only that, but the soundtrack is also fantastic and fits in perfectly with the action.

I would not say that Minoria is a game-changer for the world of Metroidvania games or anything like that. I will say that it is a lot of fun and a game that I had a great time with going from beginning to end. It is very addictive and it has one of the most interesting and fun combat systems I have seen in a game of this style in quite some time.

Minoria is an action metroidvania-style game. Download it now and enjoy its cool anime characters and the great gameplay.
9 Total Score
Minoria Review Summary

  • I love the setting of the game; warrior nuns are cool!
  • The combat is excellent
  • Plenty of variety to the combat
  • The presentation is great in every way
  • Plenty of rooms to explore
  • The story could have been more fleshed out
  • The magic system is a bit awkward to use
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