If you are a fan of 2D action/platform-style games, Blasphemous no doubt has been on your radar for a while. While the game may look like a typical side-scrolling action game. It is not until you play it that you realize how deep the lore in the game is and how much fun the combat and exploration of the game is.

How to Download Blasphemous

You can get the game from a variety from sources depending on the platform you play games, be it Xbox One, PS4, Windows or Nintendo Switch. Click on the Download button. And if you like Metroidvania titles, check out also our reviews of Minoria and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

The Game Review

What really grabbed my attention with this game was the story. I was very surprised at how dark, gothic and awesome the story of the game was. Set in a place called, Cvstodia where something horrific has happened. You play as a warrior who is the only hope to free the world from this horrible fate. It has religious overtones, monsters and is just written so incredibly well that it is very hard not to be sucked in by it.

I really like the presentation of the game and think that it has a very 90s kind of look. Now you may think I am just talking about the actual 2D game sprites and backgrounds here. However, I am also talking about how the cutscenes and voice acting are both very similar to what we had in the 90s and I mean that in a good way.

As far as the gameplay goes, Blasphemous is known for having non-linear levels. The game is best described as a melding of a Dark Souls style game with a Metroidvania style one. The combat of the game is very hack and slash inspired and I get a kind of God of War feeling (all be it in 2D) from the combat with how fast and fluid it is.

There is a great selection of enemies here and the way they all look so different is quite impressive. While I found that going out on the offensive is the way to go. You can also dodge and use a parry mechanic which can slow time. The animations of executing your foes are just brutal! It is a lot of fun, but there is a bit of trial and error in the way of combat.

I would say that Blasphemous is a game that is very, very combat heavy. However, most areas do have a lot of backtracking for you to do. There is not much in the way of puzzles or even platforming here so if the combat does not grab you, you may not be in this game for the long haul. The boss battles are brutally tough, but while they can be frustrating, they are very rewarding when you figure it all out.

You can use magic, but I found the “prayer” system that the game has which allows you to use the magic not ideal as it leaves you prone to attack. You can also get things such as rosery beads which can help you on your journey. I do feel that exploration is worthwhile as you will need many items to get through the game.

I had a great time with Blasphemous, but I must admit it is not a game for everyone. The clear comparison here is Bloodstained, but I am not sure Blasphemous quite gets to that level. It is still a fun game and if you like your Metroidvania style games to be more about combat than puzzles and platforming, you will have a good time with this.

Blasphemous is a fantasy Metroidvania game. Download it now and be prepared for breathtaking action and a fantastic story.
8 Total Score
Blasphemous Review Summary

  • The story and setting of the game are both fantastic
  • Combat feels fantastic
  • The boss battles while challenging are fun
  • Plenty of reasons to explore every inch of a level
  • A nice variety of enemies for you to kill
  • Some may not like the games take on religion
  • Combat may get a bit stale for some people
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