Alwa’s Legacy

Alwa’s Legacy is the follow up from the popular Alwa’s Awakening (2017) and it is a very interesting follow-up. This is an indie Metroidvania style game, but before you start rolling your eyes let me tell you it is a pretty good one. It improves on its predecessor in many ways and I did have an overall fun time with it.

How to Download Alwa’s Legacy

You can download the game from GOG or Steam. In the case of the Good Old Games offer, you will also get Alwa’s Awakening for free (at least as of the time of writing) so it seems like a no brainer. Click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The first thing we have to discuss is the visuals. The original game went for a cool 8-bit style. Alwa’s Legacy is kicking things up a notch and instead, we have a game that looks like it is from the 16-bit era. It is a fairly big leap and I think that the game really does look fantastic.

You do not need to have played Alwa’s Awakening to get into this. There is not a big and deep story here. You play as Zoe and you have amnesia, a big bad wants to destroy you, and you are tasked with saving the land of Alwa. That is pretty much all there is to the story, so if you are expecting a deep narrative experience you may be a tad disappointed.

Even though this is a Metroidvania style of game I would say that it is one of the “simpler” ones that I have played. It is the kind of game that is great for those new to the genre and also those who want a Metroidvania game, but one that is a tad more straightforward and less taxing.

The game is one large map and as you would expect you need to explore, get new items, unlock new areas, and so on. The map is very varied and thanks to the fantastic visuals, each area you go to really does feel unique. I like this as while the story is not the best, the varied locations do make you want to explore every nook and cranny.

As you progress through the game you will get new items/abilities and it is with these that you can access new areas. This is the standard formula for a game of this style and Alwa’s Legacy does it pretty well. As is the case with other Metroidvania games, puzzles play a big part in the gameplay.

Like the core gameplay, none of the puzzles are all that troublesome. You can use magic to make blocks, turn on switches float thanks to bubbles, and so on. The abilities/magic that you can get are fun and most of the time if you are stuck, it is a case of looking around for a new ability to help you get past an area that is blocked off to you.

One of the best things Alwa’s Legacy has going for it is the map. Seriously this is one of the best maps I have seen in a Metroidvania game in a while. It is so easy to follow, it lets you know where you have and have not been, where you found an item, and so on. Far too many games of this style are way too cryptic with their maps which this thankfully does not.

The combat in the game is very simplistic. The enemies are rather basic and just take a few hits to hit them. The main issue with the combat is that when you get hit, you cannot hit back right away. This can lead to a few frustrating moments when you take a few hits in a row that feels like it was cheap.

I think that Alwa’s Legacy is a decent little game. It is not that hard, but that does not mean it is bad. It is a basic Metroidvania style game and it does what it does pretty well. For younger gamers or those looking for a slightly easier challenge, it is perfect. Plus, those amazing 16-bit style storybook visuals really are awesome.

Alwa's Legacy
Alwa's Legacy is a fantasy platform game in the Metroidvania style. Download it now and enjoy the action and the great map as well!
9 Total Score
Alwa's Legacy Review Summary

  • The game looks great
  • Some of the best 16-bit style backgrounds I have seen in a long time
  • The exploration is fun
  • The different areas have a lot of variety to them
  • Other games should take note of how this game map works!
  • The whole game is very “by the numbers”
  • Combat can be frustrating when you cannot hit back
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