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I thought that the first Mirror’s Edge was great, but never thought we would see a sequel and with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst we still did not get it! Think of this as a reboot or a prequel as that is more what it is than a follow-up. The thing with this game is that it is like the folks as EA did not want it to succeed as I hardly saw any advertising for it before it was released.

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The Game Review

The game once again takes place in the city of glass, a place that is under an oppressive rule. You play as the badass that is Faith Connors, who is a “runner” and she is trying to help other runners live beyond the oppression and bring down the organization known as Reflection. I thought the story was fantastic and Faith is one of the best female characters of the last few years.

I really enjoy the story that this game and the first game told. The world they created was great and thanks to the fantastic voice acting, Faith and the rest of the cast are brought to life very well. Another thing that really brings the game to life is the amazing soundtrack, it is a kind of “low key” techno type of thing and it fits this game perfectly.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a great looking game. Everything in this strange future has a really clean and stylish look to it. They took what made the first game look unique and really ran with it in this game. I am trying to think of another game that has this type of style and am having a hard time thinking of one!

While I love Faith, the city of Glass, and the story and style of this game. It is the gameplay that is the most addictive aspect of it. This is a “free runner” kind of game. You control Faith in the first person and you need to run, jump, fight and use stuff like zip lines to get around. Doing some epic wall running, jumping from one roof to the next, and then kicking some dudes ass is all very satisfying.

Speaking of kicking some dude’s ass. The combat in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is far more satisfying than it was in the first game. You can no longer wield guns and I think that is a good thing. Faith has a decent array of attacks and you can link them all together to dish out some awesome combos. The flip side of this is that you can choose to run and get away in many situations.

I really enjoyed my time with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I liked this game so much I have it on both Xbox One and PS4 and have beaten it multiple times. It may have some “forced” multiplayer stuff that is pointless. However, the rest of this game is a joy to play. It is just a shame it was not a bigger hit as I do not think we will see a sequel.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a first-person perspective 3D platform game. Download it now and play as the agile Faith Connors.
8.5 Total Score
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review Summary

  • Faith Connors is an awesome protagonist
  • The city of Glass is a very interesting place
  • The game looks fantastic
  • The free-running aspect of the game is very well done
  • Tons of ways to put a beat down on enemies
  • We will probably never see a sequel
  • The multiplayer stuff is pointless and tacked on
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