RISK: Global Domination

As I write this in a cupboard upstairs, I have Marvel Civil War RISK and Star Wars RISK. So as a board game, Risk is one that is played a lot in my house. When you think about it RISK: Global Domination is kind of the perfect game for this lockdown we are currently in. However, how does this translate to being a PC/mobile game that is also free to play?

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The Game Review

Let’s start with the “free to play” portion of this game. Do not worry, you are not nickel and dimed as you may think. The game gives you the most basic version of RISK for free that is cool and for most that will be enough. There are also other maps that you can purchase for a few bucks here and there such as a zombie one and a fantasy one which looks fun.

The presentation of the game is very, very bright and I like it. I am sure this is done so that it easier to see on a mobile screen. You can pick a character to play as and they are all clearly based on a historical figure which is fun. The thing is, it does not matter what character you play as it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Have you played RISK before? Well if you have this is exactly the same thing. It is a game about domination. The game has been streamlined a tad which I liked and just as the actual board game it is a turn-based game. You have three different “stages” which are deployment, attack, and fortification. It is pretty much exactly the same as if you were playing it for real.

One cool aspect of this latest version of RISK: Global Domination is that it offers cross-play. That means mobile players can play against those on PC so getting into a game is very easy. This brings me to the main purchasing/downloading point of this game and that is the multiplayer.

As I write this, we are in what feels like day 3000 of lockdown. I am lucky in that I have people in the house to play board games with. For those that do not, this is probably as close to the real thing as you can get. The game manages to offer you a good game of RISK and playing against others, especially folks you know is always going to be a good time.

This does offer a single-player experience so you can play against the AI. This is rather unrewarding if I am being honest with you guys. You might as well fire up something like Tropico rather than this even though they do try with some single-player mission type things. One “single player” part of this game that I do think is fantastic is the tutorial.

I love RISK, but trying to teach a new player how to play it can be very hard for you and the person learning. This is one of the best RISK tutorials I have come across. So, if you have kids and have struggled to get them to pick up the rules, give this a try as if they can play this they can play the real game. The game also has some fun modifications that you can play around with once everyone knows the rules.

For a free-to-play game you can do a lot worse than RISK: Global Domination. As someone who enjoys the actual boardgame, this is a solid virtual recreation. You can play this on your PC or your mobile device and I do think that it worth a download, especially if you have been itching to play a board game with people for a while.

RISK: Global Domination
RISK: Global Domination is a digital version of the famous strategy board game. Download it now and play for free.
9 Total Score
RISK: Global Domination Review Summary

  • It is virtual RISK
  • The tutorial is fantastic
  • Plenty of extra maps you can purchase
  • The core game is free to play
  • They have added in some fun modifications
  • Playing against the AI is not very appealing
  • It would be cool if they could add some licensed maps
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