Remote Access

Remote access programs let you control another computer over the network which means they allow for remote control. This remote administration makes it easier to help another person in case of computer problems.

The concept of remote access can be explained most simply. One person is controlling a device (computer, laptop) using another device that is connected to it via a network or the Internet. If you use a mouse or keyboard on a local computer, the movements will be sent to the remote computer. As a result, full control over the second device is achieved. However, this requires agreement between both users. Remote access should be authorized. Otherwise, we are dealing with a hacker attack.

Remote access software is most desirable when customers are far from service providers or technical support. It gives you the opportunity to save time, and often also unnecessary nerves. Technical support representatives can easily access a computer and repair a software-related fault or solve a user’s problem. Therefore, remote access programs are widely used in large companies. Thanks to them, representatives of the technical department can easily solve the problems of those users, from whom they can are separated not only by a couple of floors but even by thousands of kilometers.

The most popular remote access programs are Team Viewer, UltraVNC, OpenVPN, Mikogo, and TightVNC. Team Viewer is free for non-commercial applications. It has a simple interface, which is its great asset. It is also multiplatform which means that it allows access to such systems as Windows, OS X or even Linux. UltraVNC, on the other hand, is completely free, but only the system supporting the VNC protocol can take advantage of it. it offers encryption of connection. Last but not least, OpenVPN is a program that is constantly being updated by its community. It is an advanced tool.

TeamViewer 14.1.18533

TeamViewer 14.1.18533

TeamViewer is a versatile tool for controlling another user's system. The program allows you to connect to any computer and control it without using Wi-Fi, through the internet connection. TeamViewer ...