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Wake On LAN 2.12.4

Do you need a robust, reliable solution for remote computer control and access? Wake On LAN might be the program you want to use if you’re looking for something that is both powerful functionally and easy to use.

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The Review 

Basically, Wake On LAN’s major functions include remote shutdown, wake, listener, and scanner operations for PCs.

You can shut down remotely located machines and you can also activate them on will. For system and network administrators, this kind of functionality is pretty priceless.

It also allows you to ping a remote computer to get information on that computer’s current state as well as perform emergency shutdowns of one or more computers simultaneously. Again, for network admins, this kind of functionality is extremely powerful and useful on a day-to-day basis.

Wake On LAN also allows you to connect to remote servers and perform system actions such as listening for WOL packets and even using command line operations or functions through the graphical user interface.

Beyond that, there are a number of startup and shutdown configurability options including a staggered start or a staggered shutdown. This is a power saving feature as well as reduces stress on local power supply by not starting all computers on the network at once.

For system administrators and network admins, there are also a number of email notification options that can let you know when the computers on the network have performed the designated task. This helps you keep track of everything and makes sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to system tasks. 

As far as usability goes, Wake On LAN is both great for people who are new to network administration as well people who know their way around this type of program. Wake On LAN makes most functionality options easy to understand and isn’t too hard to configure. It even has a robust troubleshooting feature that can help you identify problems such as why a designated task failed to launch and things of that nature. 

Wake On LAN can also scan for hosts, IP, and MAC addresses as well as maintains an event log of all network activities. This depth of information is really, really useful for most system admins and it is great to get it in such an efficient package like Wake On LAN. 

Outside of core functions, Wake On LAN is routinely updated and has been an industry standard since 2004. Users need not worry about updates and support as Wake On LAN is both frequently updated and has a dedicated community of fans and users that make sure it remains the best out there. 

It is also available in almost every major world language, making it easily on the most accessible pieces of software out there. Often these kinds of programs are only available in English, but Wake On LAN supports pretty much every major language which makes it that much more powerful in the hands of the right user. There is no need to learn the English phraseology for the functions you already know.

Wake On LAN
Wake On LAN is a tool that enables remote shutdown or waking PC computers. It has also packet listening and scanning capabilities. Download it now.
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