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LogMeIn Hamachi

If you ask me, it is impossible to mess around on YouTube and not see at least one ad before or even in the video itself talking about a VPN! What we have here with LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that is great if you have a business or just need to give people access to your private network or even a specific computer on your network.

How to Download LogMeIn Hamachi

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The Program Review

The way that this works is that you would make an account and then you can give remote users access to your private network. This is done through a LogMeIn Hamachi gateway. This means that your connection is ultra-secure, but you do not actually have to mess around with firewall settings or even your router settings, they handle it all on their end.

As of writing, we have just gone through (and in many cases still are) dealing with a pandemic. With more and more people working from home, LogMeIn Hamachi is a great way to make sure people have access to what they need to from their own homes without you having to worry about security issues.

One really neat feature is the way that people can get access to a specific computer. Let’s say you have a small business and there is one computer that is used for a certain job that has certain files, programs, or whatever on there. And someone who is working from home needs to access it.

With what they call the hub and spoke virtual networking. You can give a person direct access to a specific computer and let them work on it! Again, when you give someone access like this LogMeIn Hamachi not only ensures that it is all nice and safe, but the hard works is all done on their end so no need to mess around with router or firewall settings.

Another feature that this offers is called mesh networking. The idea here is that you can create a network that gives a group of people access to each other and the network in general on the same server. This is one of the easiest features of the program and it is ideal if you just need people to all have access to the same network resources.

With LogMeIn Hamachi handling all of the security and the heavy lifting, there is no way that this is a service that could be provided for free. There are three different pricing options for you. The standard option is the cheapest one available and that is priced at $49 per year and this lets you have 6-32 computers/network.

Up from this, we have the Premium Plan which jumps up considerably to $199 per year. This Premium Plan gives you 33-256 computers/networks so while the price is much higher, you do get to use the service with many more computers. The last option is called Multi-Network and is priced at $299 per year, you can use up to 256 computers, but you have no limit on networks.

If you have a business and need people to be able to access a specific network or even a computer, LogMeIn Hamachi is what you need. This is great if you do not want to mess around with firewalls, router settings, or anything else that if you do not know what you are doing could put your network/computers at risk.

LogMeIn Hamachi
LogMeIn Hamachi lets you create your own VPN network. Download it now and connect to remote computers to access their resources.
9 Total Score
LogMeIn Hamachi Review Summary

  • The Standard Option is very fairly priced
  • The whole service is designed to be as easy to use as possible
  • They handle all of the security
  • It is great if you have many people working remotely
  • The pricing jumps up a lot with each step
  • Not a program that an average Joe would ever need
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