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Soundpad 3.4.10

So, I was playing FIFA 21 against my cousin and he kept making this annoying, but hilarious noise whenever I would screw up! Turns out he was using this program called, Soundpad to add sounds to our game chat! This is a fantastic and fun little program that can make gaming with your friends even more entertaining.

How to Download Soundpad

You can download the program from the Leppsoft website, but you should know that there is also a version of Soundpad that is available on Steam. To start your download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Program Review

The whole idea of Soundpad is very simple. You are playing a game and chatting to your friends through something like the actual game chat or TeamSpeak, Skype, or whatever and this adds in a bunch of fun sound effects. There is a massive list of sound effects and jingles that you can play around with.

One that I had a lot of fun with was this sad little trumpet sound I would play whenever I would nail one of my friends in Call of Duty. I know that it sounds like it may be hard to use, but even the video on Steam that shows this off takes around a minute and shows you exactly what to do. It honestly could not be any easier to use this!

You can have your sound list up and open when you play and just click on sounds as you want them. What I liked to do though was select a few sounds and jingles that I liked and then give them a hotkey. Now, with just the press of a button, I can quickly add a sound effect to our chat that will make my friends laugh and also make them very annoyed too!

While I did not play around with this, it does also have a sound recorded and editor so you can record and then edit what you are hearing. I am sure some people have had a great deal of fun with this and even used it to create their own more personal soundbites that they can then use.

I have used other programs like this in the past and sometimes the sound effect would be way too quiet or way too obnoxiously loud! With Soundpad, it regulates the sound very well so that the sound effects, as well as your voice, are all at the same volume so it is not jarring for others to hear.

Best of all, the ease of use here is great. I would hand on heart say that anyone who has played any game online or used something like Skype before will find this easy to set up. It takes minutes, you will spend more time looking for sound bites than you will be learning how to use this as it is that easy to figure out.

On Steam, there is a free demo of this that you can play around with and get an idea of if it is going to be for you. The asking price is £3.99 (in UK money of course) and I think that is a very fair price for something like this. If you want to add a little extra punch and humor to your gaming sessions with your friends and family, Soundpad is perfect for you.

Soundpad is a great tool that lets you play sounds in your voice chats. Download it now and spice up your communications.
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