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TeamSpeak is a free downloadable computer program that allows you to voice chat with individuals or groups of people. There are many programs that give you the opportunity to talk to others, but TeamSpeak offers also the ability to talk to a large number of people, which can be scattered around the world. TeamSpeak uses VoIP and internet to connect people through servers that you can buy for a small price and have them for your own use. Of course, there are thousands of servers that allow you to connect with others completely for free. Using TeamSpeak, tens, hundreds and even thousands of people can communicate in real time. They can do it to use this program to play games, or in a more serious context, for business matters. TeamSpeak offers both text chat and an application for voice communication. The license of the program is free if it is not used for commercial purposes.

How to Download TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is free to download. To start, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Both the client, the server and the SDK are available. The application can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

TS3 – the Program Options

The application contains a lot of interesting options, so you can configure it for your own convenience. One of the basic options is Capture, which is responsible for getting your voice from the microphone. By testing the volume of your speech, you can set whether the sound volume should be higher or lower. You have also the ability to reduce the echo or completely remove it. In addition to the level of the sound, you can set the way in which the conversation takes place. Your speech can be detected automatically. It is also possible to set a continuous transmission, without interruption, but it can cause strong noises, echoes, and similar phenomena.

The last way that you can configure the TS, the one that is not always recommended, is to set the speech sound by pressing the selected button on the keyboard. The problem is that when you have both hands busy and your attention is focused on playing a perfect game while playing, for example, an FPS such as CS: GO, it may be a bit uncomfortable. However, if you want to use voice for shot commands or sentences consisting of several words, the method with the keyboard shortcut is the most suitable one. In the playback settings, you can choose how loud you are and how well you hear your pears.

In the Appearance settings, you have access to the configuration of the style of the program that suits you. There are five styles to choose from, but they do not look very different. Icon packs are also available, such as Mono, Origin or Colored. These are just a few basic styles. More can be found online at

TeamSpeak – a Guide on How to Change the Appearance of the Program

There currently over 140 templates, so there is a lot to choose from. In addition to changing the look, TeamSpeak 3 recently offers a variety of add-ons: Plugins, Skins, Themes, Icon Packs, Audio Packs, and Translations. Currently, by default, it is possible to download only three plugins, which are used to control TeamSpeak 3 via the telnet interface port 25639. If you want a larger number of add-ons, the best place to go is the program homepage. Free license, ease of the program and simplicity of configuration, are the reasons why the application has hundreds of thousands of fans using it on a daily basis, thanks to which it is constantly improved.

TeamSpeak 3 is an internet messenger using VoIP technology. It is mainly used by the gaming community. Download it for free.
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