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BetterDiscord 1.5.2

Gamers all over the world use Discord to chat with their friends while they are gaming. Discord is probably the most popular desktop chat for gaming and now with BetterDiscord, it is even better. This is free to use, but it is not officially supported by Discord. While no one has ever been banned for using this, it is still probably against the terms of service so that is something to take into consideration.

How to Download BetterDiscord

To download the program, click on the Download button that can be found at the end of this review.

The Program Review

With BetterDiscord, you can now customize Discord so it is exactly the way you want it. Themes and plugins are available on the site and you can select which ones you want to make sure you get the best experience possible. I found the whole thing very easy to set up and using plugins and themes is very simple.

There is a great selection of themes and I tend to switch between a few of them. My favorite theme that they have on there at the minute is this awesome Ghostbusters one. They are not all based on licensed properties though and there are some very cool, artistic style themes as well.

You can change the layout of things too so that your Discord looks just the way that is perfect for you. While Discord themselves have done a good job in giving users more options, it is nowhere near close to what BetterDiscord is offering people. In regards to themes, there are so many it can almost be hard to pick which one you want, that is why I have a few I rotate through.

While themes are awesome, there are also some amazing plugins that you can use as well. The various plugins have their own section on the site and are very easy to install. One of the plugins that I use every time I am on is the one that gives you Spotify controls. Another handy one for me is the one that alerts me about my friends’ activities.

There are a ton of plugins and I have had a lot of fun playing around and seeing which ones I like and which ones I do not like. Most of the plugins are community-made so the people who are a part of this are pretty cool. If there is something you want, chances are it is here already or someone is working on it.

It is worth noting that BetterDiscord only works with the desktop version of Discord. You may think you can get around this by using Discord in the browser of your phone, but that does not work either. From what I understand this is a very hard thing to make happen so chances are BetterDiscord may not come to mobile.

I think that for the most part this is pretty awesome and I could no way go back to using standard Discord. My only complaint that I have is that the site causes my computer to run slow and it has some very obnoxious video ads that have a habit of popping up just as I am about to click on something but to be fair this could be a problem with the browser I am using or my PC itself.

If you use Discord and you are not already on the BetterDiscord train, you better get on it now! This is truly fantastic and it will make your Discord experience so much better. Even if you are fine with Discord the way it is, but want a new theme to spice things up it is worth getting.

BetterDiscord enhances capabilities of Discord adding themes and plugins to make your experience even better. Download it now.
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