Google Duo

Editor's choice Google-Duo-09

There are so many video calling apps that it can be hard to know what one is for you. Like many other people over the last couple of years, I have used many video calling apps! Some are better than ...

BetterDiscord 1.5.2

Editor's choice BetterDiscord-003

Gamers all over the world use Discord to chat with their friends while they are gaming. Discord is probably the most popular desktop chat for gaming and now with BetterDiscord, it is even better. ...

Soundpad 3.4.10

Editor's choice Soundpad-3

So, I was playing FIFA 21 against my cousin and he kept making this annoying, but hilarious noise whenever I would screw up! Turns out he was using this program called, Soundpad to add sounds to our ...


Editor's choice Zoom_8

Like many other people during the last year, I have had to keep in contact with people virtually. There are many different apps for online communication, but today we are taking a look at Zoom. I ...


Editor's choice Slack-006

Today I am going to talk to you about my experience using Slack. I work mainly online and one of my clients wanted to communicate via Slack. At first, I was a little skeptical as I was thinking ...

Microsoft Teams

Editor's choice Micorosft_Teams_Breakout-Rooms

Microsoft Teams is a handy business messaging application for everyone. It is a part of the Microsoft 365 Family. The application is used to chat, call, conduct meetings, create groups, share files, ...

Seaside 1.38

Editor's choice Seaside-1

Seaside is a program by the sz development that allows you to launch different Skype sessions simultaneously. Whether you have a business account or personal, you can easily use them at the same ...

Messenger for Desktop

Editor's choice Messenger for Desktop-3

Messenger for Desktop is a simple desktop replacement for Facebook Messenger. It is basically a communication tool that helps you to connect with your friends and family members. Plus, it has a ...

DialDirectly (for Skype™) 1.16

Editor's choice DialDirectly for Skype-2

DialDirectly (for Skype™) is an application that is developed by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland (the makers of Directory List & Print and many other programs). This software is for Windows ...

AthTek Skype Recorder

Editor's choice AthTek_Skype_Recorder-9

AthTek Skype Recorder is an advanced application that is created for Skype users. The main purpose of this app is to record audio and video, so you don’t miss the important details. If you are having ...



Discord is a relatively new piece of downloadable software that is designed for gamers and communities to bundle together in their own little rooms while giving the users complete control over that ...

Chat programs or messengers give you the ability to send messages in the form of text, and also enable communication by sending audio, video and other media: emoticons, graphics, and any type of files. The information is sent from the sender to the recipient in real time so that immediate interaction is possible. Text messages sent while chatting can be of a different length but are usually short. The communication process is like a daily conversation when we chat and exchange opinions and stories. Audio and video calls are even more like the actual real-life equivalent. It is also possible to have them with many people at once, what is called a conference call.

The chat can be private: here only the sender and the recipient and those invited take part. There are also public chats where the conversation is available to everyone on the so-called general channel.

Today, we have a huge number of chat programs to choose from. It is worth mentioning such programs as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, which is an application connected with Facebook, Google Hangouts or Skype. Other less-known chat programs (also known as messengers) include Instantbird, Jabbin, Jitsi, Kadu, and Miranda. It is also worth mentioning communicators designed especially for gamers, such as TeamSpeak, Discord, Mumble, or Blizzard Voice Chat. In the end, we need to mention programs designed specifically for group chats, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Many messengers ensure the anonymity of their users. Chat programs work efficiently (although sometimes there may be problems with voice and image transmission). These programs are generally easy to use and usually free. Most often, users choose those chat programs that work on their phones, and those that their friends use.