I have been playing FIFA since the original game on the Sega Mega Drive and it is a game I look forward to every year. This year, EA is doing us a solid by letting us buy the game of PS4 or Xbox One and then getting a free upgrade for the next-gen consoles. The first FIFA game of a new generation is usually lacking in features, but that is not the case here.

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The Game Review

Let me start by saying that FIFA 21 is not trying to reinvent the wheel. No doubt, we will have people claiming “it is the same game every year” like they always do. That at first glance may appear to be the case. However, rather than making big changes, EA has made smaller ones which add up to make the overall gameplay faster paced than it was in FIFA 20.

The passing game is super-fast and fluid and once you master it, being able to slice the opposition’s defense with a key pass feels just as good as scoring the goal that comes as a result of it. FIFA has always been more about attacking than defending, but defending here has seen some minor improvements.

This is most notable in the slide tackling which feels like a viable, all be it a high risk/high reward way of defending. The collision detection has also been improved meaning you can do some real bone-crunching tackles which are very satisfying when you pull one off and manage to win the ball.

Heading and crossing is another part of the on-pitch action that has been improved. It actually feels like you have a chance from scoring from a header now! The goalkeeping is the only area of the action that has taken a step back. It is like the goalkeepers are not able to catch or hold onto the ball which can be rather frustrating.

The main reason I play FIFA every year is for Career Mode and while not a ton of changes have been made, the changes that have been made to Career Mode make it better than it has been in the last two FIFA installments. First of all, you can now sim the games in a kind of Championship Manager style, allowing you to jump in and take control if things are not going your way.

You can also alter a player’s position which is a great deal of fun. You can make a midfielder a defender for example and their stats will change as a result. You can now do more focused training as well. Overall, these changes are not changing the world, but I like them and feel that they are a step forward. Unfortunately, the presentation in Career Mode is the same as it has been for the last two years!

Volta Football returns once again. This is the street football “story mode” and it is silly stuff, but it has a lot of charm and an awesome appearance by Kaka which I got a kick out of. You can also play this mode online, which is fun too. I do not think that Volta Football keeps me interested for a long time, but it is a fun ride while it lasts.

Now, let’s talk about FUT. Full disclosure here, I am not a FUT player at all, but I do dabble with each new FIFA game. This one is keeping things as we know, but I did notice a couple of notable changes. First of all, you can now design your own dream stadium which is cool. Also, there is now a co-op element to FUT which I am sure hardcore fans are going to love.

As what is technically the first FIFA for a new generation of consoles, FIFA 21 is a great start. I have enjoyed what I have played on the PS4 so far and when the PS5 upgrade comes I am sure the boost in load times and perform ace will make it even better. Once again, EA has shown that they know how to make great football games!

FIFA 21 is a great footbal game in which you control a team of eleven players battling against AI or human opppents. Download it now.
9 Total Score
FIFA 21 Review Summary

  • The changes to Career Mode are very welcomed
  • VOLTA Football may be silly, but it is also fun
  • The game once again has fantastic presentation
  • I liked how slick and fast the passing game was
  • Crossing and heading now feels like it is more skill-based than luck-based
  • Why do the goalkeepers hardly ever catch the ball?
  • Career Mode needs a fresh coat of paint for the presentation
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