As a FIFA fan since the days of the Sega Mega Drive, the annual FIFA game is always something I look forward to and FIFA 20 is no different. While some may look at screenshots and video and say it is just the same as last year, that is not actually the case. FIFA 20 asks you to rethink about the way you go about the beautiful game.

How to Download FIFA 20

You can download the game for a platform of your choice (PS4, Xbox One, Windows). There is even a free demo for you to try before you buy. Follow the link below the review.

The Game Review

Let’s start with the on the pitch aspect which is the most important aspect of any football game. While FIFA 19 was all about enhancing the attacking side of the game, FIFA 20 has refined dribbling and defense. You now have far more control over your dribbling, allowing you (if you have the skill) to skip past defenders or draw a foul.

The Defense in FIFA 20

The defensive side of the game is where most of the on the pitch changes have taken place. You can no longer just hold the standing tackle button and hope for the best. You really have to be smart with the way you defend and it actually makes games much more fun. The AI is also defensively smarter which makes playing against it in Career Mode, for example, more rewarding.

I would say that on the pitch, FIFA 20 certainly does feel different from the last two games. However, I would say that once you get past the initial shock of it, you start to appreciate it and I think it is a better game as a result of it. No doubt, some folks will not like these changes, but I feel they were long overdue.


The attacking game which was refined in FIFA 19 has also seen some positive changes. You can now “set up” a shot which is a ton of fun. You slightly move the ball before striking it and when done just right is awesome when you can get it to work of course. The set pieces are also changed for the better, making it easier (once you figure it out) to score spectacular free-kicks.


There is a new game mode called Volta which is a version of street football. I was really hoping that this would be like the classic FIFA Street games, but it is not a full arcade experience like you would expect. Still, it is quite fun and something I think does have promise. This is really the story mode for this year’s game and it is like a mix of FIFA Street and The Journey from the past few games. It is a fun addition and one I would love to see in future games.

FIFA 20’s Career Mode

When it comes to FIFA, Career Mode is where I spend most of my time with the game. I think that EA has really taken Career Mode as far as they are willing to go without a huge rehaul of the mode. It is fun and does what I want, but it feels just like it has done since as far back as FIFA 17.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is once again back and will no doubt have people all over the world hooked. FUT has new modes to play and there is, of course, a ton of cards for people to collect. This is not really my cup of tea, but from what I have seen there are more than enough changes to make it a more positive experience.

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FIFA 20 Review Summary

I think that FIFA 20 is just what the series needed. The changes to the on the pitch action along with the new Volta mode make this one of the best entries in the last couple of years. It is fair to say that if you like FIFA, you will like this. I for one am interested to see what improvements can be made on the pitch before EA have to make a brand-new engine!

  • New defending feels more “strategic”
  • Skillful dribbling is fun
  • Volta is a fun addition and has many modes to enjoy
  • Interesting changes to FUT
  • The AI is better than it was last year
  • If FIFA is not your thing, this will not change your mind
  • Career mode needs a complete overhaul
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