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The best compliment that I can give Ted Lasso is that my wife who hates football enjoyed the show! This is a fantastic Apple TV+ TV show that is about football and it is probably one of the best shows about the sport I have ever seen. The show is just very funny and it also has a lot of heart to it as well.

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The fact that this is even a thing is kind of crazy. Jason Sudeikis was hired to play a fictional American Football coach who knew nothing about soccer to promote the Premier League for NBC in the USA. It was hilarious and most people got a huge kick out of this, both those who love football and those who are not fans.

The setting for the show is the UK and the first season is set in the Premier League, the biggest football league in the world. We have a fictional team called AFC Richmond that are struggling in the Premier League. While the team is not real, the other teams that appear in the show are actually based on real teams so that was pretty cool.

There are struggles behind the scenes of AFC Richmond as the owner, Rebecca Walton wants to tank the team and see them relegated from the Premier League! The reason for this is that the last owner was her husband who cheated on her and she sees this as a way to get revenge.

This leads Rebecca to hire Ted Lasso! Ted Lasso is a college American football coach and he knows nothing about our football! She is sure that he will be terrible in this role and that AFC Richmond will have no chance in hell of staying in the Premier League. It is seen as a big joke and a huge mistake by everyone!

The thing is, she did not count on Ted and his whimsical and positive attitude rubbing off on everyone. Ted Lasso is awesome, he is positive, and always has some good advice, a good story, or some kind of motivational message. The thing is, the people around the league, the fans, the players, and even Rebecca herself start to warm to him and his ways.

No spoilers, but the first season of the show is about Ted trying to help the team avoid relegation and then the following seasons build upon that. I do feel that the first season is the best, but the other two seasons certainly had their moments. It is the kind of show that is great to watch if you are in the mood for something fun.

While the show is funny, I think that many people end up hooked on the show because of the characters. If you are a football fan, you will get a huge kick out of the way that some of the players are clearly based on real players. There are characters that you love, characters you hate, and characters you grow to really love.

I loved the first season of Ted Lasso and I was so excited and quite surprised to see the show continue for over 20 more episodes. If you are in the mood for a fun and cool show, Ted Lasso is well worth checking out, no matter if you are a football fan or cannot stand the sport!

Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso is a sports comedy-drama TV series about an American college football coach who runs a football team in England. Download it now and see what happened.
8.5 Total Score
Ted Lasso Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This may be my favorite Jason Sudeikis role ever
  • The show is very funny
  • It is a comedy, but there is a lot of heart and feel good stuff here too
  • Even non football fans can have fun with this show
  • I will admit that the overall plot is a bit predictable
  • I am sure some really anti football type people will not want to give this a chance
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