Drama Movies

American Fiction


In the coming years, I can see American Fiction becoming regarded as one of the best movies of the 00s. I knew very little about this, but I am so glad I went to see it during its limited run in my ...

Waitress: The Musical


While I like musicals, my wife loves them so when we heard that Waitress: The Musical which is based on the movie from 2007 was getting a theatrical release, we really wanted to check it out. I have ...

The Boys in the Boat


It was my mother of all people who told me that I had to go and see The Boys in the Boat. This is based on a very popular and critically acclaimed book from 2013. My mother read the book and for a ...

The Iron Claw


I have been a huge wrestling fan since 1989. The first big wrestler to enter the WWF when I was watching as a kid was The Texas Tornado, Kerry Von Erich. Since then, he has been one of my favorite ...

The Color Purple


My wife had a really hard time getting me to go and see this in the theatre. I am so glad that I did go though as The Color Purple is fantastic and one of the best musicals I have seen in the last ...



I love Hindi action movies and I made the effort to go to a theatre different than the one I usually do to see Animal as the trailer looked awesome. However, I am not going to waste your time and let ...



If I were to do some kind of movies of the year list, Saltburn would be in contention for the weirdest movie of the year! Saltburn is brought to us by Emerald Fennell whose 2020 movie, Promising ...



I was really in two minds if I wanted to make the effort to see Napoleon in the theatre. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Joaquin Phoenix (Joker, Beau is Afraid), those are two people that I ...

Radical (2023)


Radical is one of the best feel-good movies of the year. This is a Mexican movie that is based on an article that was published back in 2013. Do not be put off by this being a Spanish-speaking movie, ...