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How many streaming services are there these days!!! I swear, it is like every month there is another streaming service that wants 5 to 10 bucks a month out of me, and today we are looking at Hulu. Hulu is brought to us by Disney and Comcast and it is one of the more popular streaming services in the USA right now.

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Before we get to the kind of content that you can watch on Hulu, let’s take a look at the pricing plans. The cheapest Hulu subscription is going to cost you $5.99, but you do have to deal with ads. That is a pretty fantastic price, but once you have experienced streaming services without ads, I think it is hard to go back to dealing with them.

For $11.99 a month you can get rid of the ads, that may be like double the price, but it is in line with other streaming services. They do also have Hulu + Live TV which gives you the basic version of Hulu along with Live TV and this will cost you $64.99 which is quite the leap, but the amount of live TV you get is quite impressive.

There is one more tier of Hulu available to you and that one is going to cost you $70.99 a month. For $70.99 a month you get Hulu without ads and you also get all of the live TV as well. Live TV includes Fox Sports 1, 2 ABC, NBC, TLC, History, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, and a ton more.

While I think that $70.99 a month is not a bad price. The reason streaming services have blown up is that people were sick of a large monthly cable bill. While it is good value for money, at the end of the day you are going back to a kind of similar type of pricing that you had when you were using cable.

If you just look at Hulu as purely a streaming service, they have a fantastic lineup of TV shows and movies. Hulu also has a great selection of original programming for you to enjoy as well. I think that they have done a great job in making there be a nice mixture of classic and established programming as well as new content created exclusively for the platform.

It would be impossible for me to list all of the exclusive content that Hulu offers as there is just so much of it available. However, a few of their notable Hulu Originals that my wife and I have enjoyed since we started using the service include The Great, The Thick of It, The Handmaid’s Tale, PEN15 to name a few.

While it is awesome that they have made their own original programming, Hulu has also brought back some shows that people loved. Two “comeback” shows that were big hits in my house were Animaniacs and Veronica Mars, both of which were done very, very well in my opinion.

As far as the streaming quality goes it is pretty solid. Hulu offers various quality of streaming, it all depends on the show, but some shows are available in 4K. You can have different profiles, watchlists, and the other type of stuff you would expect from a streaming platform in 2021.

Even if you did not bother with the live TV stuff, I think that as a purely streaming platform, Hulu is pretty awesome. They offer a great mixture of their own new and interesting content with classic movies and shows as well. Hulu offers a free month trial (as I write this) so give it a go and see if any of their original programming is for you.

Hulu is a video streaming service. Download it app and have fun watching cool shows on your Android or iOS-based mobile device.
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