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Zoom Player is an application designed to help you play all kinds of media as you see fit. Nowadays you require a lot of players just to access the content you want. You need things to be simpler and seamless, and with Zoom Player you can totally do that.

This tool supports all the most popular formats like DIVX, DVD, Flash, H.264, and Blu-Ray among many others. Which is good, because you get access to all the stuff you need at your own pace and with the utmost convenience every time.

How to Download Zoom Player MAX

You can download the trial verison of the program by following the link below this review.

The Program Review

Once you start using Zoom Player you will notice that the app just requires you to open the file you need. It will also offer decrypted blu-ray movie playback and it even has subtitle support. To make things even better, it even has a video wall, which means a single video can be spread over multiple monitors.

That’s exciting and interesting, not to mention it delivers everything you need at your own pace. That’s rewarding, fine and helpful, exactly what you really need in a situation like this.

With Zoom Player you can also create mobile ringtones as you play media. This is actually a very nifty feature that a lot of people want just because it’s very different and interesting at the same time.

To make things even better, the content is nonlinear and you also have scene-cut support which is always something incredible and different at the same time.

Guard Dog in Zoom Player

Zoom Player also has a Guard Dog feature. This means it will automatically restart the app in case the player will be unresponsive. So the app can be as hands-off as you need it to be, and you will certainly find that helpful when it comes to the app itself. T

hey did a great job with the way everything is managed and coupled together, and you will like the way the process itself is complemented and used in the right manner.

Video Orbiting

Video orbiting is a good idea in Zoom Player because it prevents screen burns. It will help move the image every few seconds. With its help you really get all the difference and that on its own can be super rewarding and powerful at the same time.

That’s a great opportunity and a process that you want to enjoy all the same no matter what. You can definitely do all kinds of video related tasks, not only video playback, which is very helpful.

Zoom Player does a very good job at being the Swiss army knife for content playback. It works great, it’s super adjustable to your own requirements and at the same time it’s just a pleasure to use. People like the app because it’s different, but also a pleasure to use and it features all the customization that you may need.

The Bottom Line

If you are very passionate about video playback and want to use one of the best video players out there, try out Zoom Player right now. We guarantee you will like it just because it’s full of great customization features that you will want to explore!

Zoom Player MAX
Zoom Player MAX is a video player with adevanced and interesting features. Download the trial version now.
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