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The reason that Peacock TV even appeared on my already cluttered streaming radar was that the WWE Network moved their programming there! Peacock is the streaming service offering from NBCUniversal. They have tons of movies, TV shows, sporting events, and so on and are trying to become one of the premier streaming services.

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Currently, Peacock TV offers three tiers of streaming. There is a free one that is supported with ads and has a much smaller library of content. Peacock Premium offers you a massive library of content, but ads are still there. If you want rid of the ads, you need Peacock Premium Plus which gets rid of the majority of the ads.

I do think that even though Premium Plus gets rid of the majority of ads, even having quick little ads when you are paying for the “premium” offering is not cool when you are paying 10 bucks a month. For me, WWE Network content is the big draw here, but the UI for the WWE Network content and the way things are organized sucks compared to when the WWE Network was its own thing.

Still, getting all that WWE content on top of the movies, TV shows, and sporting events are pretty amazing. The lineup of shows is good and they have many popular shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation which I love. Peacock TV also has many “originals” such as the Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster reboots.

They also have flexed their muscles with some big movie releases too. HBO Max has seen great success releasing theatrical movies on their service at the same time as they are in theatres. Just recently, Peacock TV released Halloween Kills on the streaming platform which was very impressive.

Peacock also has some major sporting events as part of their service. You can watch Premier League football, live NFL, the Tour de France, the Olympics, and much more! I never had a problem watching anything live, but there are more than a few people out there who have said watching something actually live is a bit of a nightmare. However, as I said, that was not the case for me.

One area that was an issue for me was that as of me writing this, Peacock TV is not available to stream in 4K! How crazy is it that they can stream a brand new movie like Halloween Kills, but not allow you to watch it in 4K? As well as not offering 4K, Peacock TV also does not offer Dolby Atmos support.

Overall, I think that Peacock TV is a pretty solid value for money. I was already paying 10 bucks a month for the WWE Network so all of the other stuff that now comes with Peacock, for me is a massive bonus! I think that they do need to offer 4K streaming sooner than later and completely ditch the ads for the premium tier, but there is a lot to like about what Peacock TV is offering.

Peacock TV
Peacock TV is a video streaming service that was launched in 2020. Download its mobile app and enjoy its shows and movies on the go.
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