Cave Digger

Cave Digger is a virtual reality game that is developed and published by Meikiwi. It was set to release on May 10, 2018, and has a genre based on action, Indie, free to play and casual. It is a single-player game that is designed for Windows 10 and a VR requirement of the headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game also has an additional need for a tracked motion controller which is an input device used as a control for the game. The goal of Cave Digger is to dig down deeper into the mines and find valuable treasures with the help of the tools you carry.

How to Download Cave Digger

Cave Digger is available as a free download from Steam. You can also download Cave Digger: Riches DLC, which is to be released on August 30, 2018.

The Game Review

The game starts with the player finding a pickaxe that is already placed inside the mine. The player is supposed to break through the rocks inside the tunnel to find gold and silver nuggets and other precious stones. The more valuable items you manage to gather the more money you earn by selling those items. What’s more important is that you are not only limited to a single tool, in fact, you can strive for upgrades and buy items such as drills and dynamites. This gear helps you break some hard rocks more efficiently and get your work done quickly.

While breaking through the rocks at a particular level of the mine, you have to be very careful about the time limit that is displayed on the wrist of the miner. As soon as the battery bar turns red, it’s time over for that particular level and you are made to dig deeper inside the mine. With another zone deeper and a level higher, you are prepared to repeat the same work where you continue to look for valuable items.

The mine not only houses gold and silver but ancient fossils, and treasures are also hidden deep down. You can find these and eventually earn extra rewards.

After digging deeper and crossing a number of zones, the player is then returned to the surface. At the surface, the player is shown all the gems and stones that he managed to find along with their worth. You can see the number of points you gained and the money earned that would be used to buy valuable tools. At the surface, you can choose from a number of upgrades such as a pack of ignites, and X-ray devices that will help you scan for pieces of gold that are hidden deep down. During the game, the player will be given hints about which tool would be best used in a particular area although following the tip is not a necessity.

With the progression of the game, the player will be sent deeper down into the mine where the player will face an increase in the difficulty level with harder rocks and limited time. Fortunately, with the rise in difficulty, the player is also assisted with more significant upgrades and exotic tools that continue to help the player find all the gems in the mine.

Cave Digger
Cave Digger is a virtual reality game in which your task is to dig for riches. Download it for free to start mining.
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