Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the kind of game that is great for screwing around when you are bored or do not know what to play. This is a physics-based battle game where you pit monsters against each other. It is a fun idea and one that if you are creative enough can give you an almost unlimited amount of gameplay.

How to Download Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

You can download the game from Steam and run it on your Windows PC or go to your favorite mobile apps store and download the mobile versions for Android or iOS. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like such games check out also our review of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS).

The Game Review

There is a good selection of monsters/creatures/beasts or whatever you want to call them in the game. Each one has their own moves, abilities, and so on as well as physical physics that dictate how they react to things. You select some monsters and then you get to watch the carnage unfold. The sandbox mode is great for messing around with and seeing what monsters can do what moves and so on.

I was actually surprised to see that Animal Revolt Battle Simulator offered a campaign mode. Each round/mission of the campaign will send a certain set of enemies your way and you are tasked with picking the right enemies to fight them. There is a learning curve here as certain creatures are weaker against others so there is also some strategy.

Now, another surprise that I was not aware of was being able to get in on the action myself. You see, right now the way I have described this is as if you just pick the monsters and watch them fight, but there is more to this than that.

If you decide that you want to get in on the battle, you can jump in. The game will then turn to a first-person mode and you then have to use various guns to blow away all the monsters and creatures that come your way. This is a fun little time waster and a great way to spend 10 minutes or so when you are bored.

One of the main areas that people get hooked on Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is with the “unit creator”. The idea here is that you get to make your own monsters and soldiers that you can take to the battlefield. There are a ton of pieces that you can put together and you are really only limited by your own imagination.

Now, I say that, but you are also limited by the physics too. For example, I created this demon-looking dude with guns for arms and a dinosaur head pretty much coming out of his crotch! Sure, he looked kind of awesome, but he was not able to move at all so you do have to think about the creature you are creating.

Thankfully, Steam Workshop is supported and you can take great advantage of this. If you are not all that good at making creatures (like me) you can download ones that other people had. I had a blast with these and there are some great “licensed” monsters that people have made which I had a lot of fun messing around with and pitting against each other.

I am not sure that Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the kind of game I will be playing a year from now. However, I see this as a good palette cleanser kind of game, the kind of game you play once you beat something, but are not ready to jump into something else. If you like creating stuff then you certainly need to take a closer look at this as that is where the real staying power of the game is.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a game in which you can simulate battles between soldiers and all kinds of fantasy creatures. Download it.
10 Total Score
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Review Summary

  • You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating monsters!
  • The actual battles can be very funny
  • You can jump into the action and take control and the game turns into an FPS
  • There is a great community that shares their creations
  • This game is just crying out for an online multiplayer mode!
  • It is more about being creative than actually playing the game
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