Lawn Mowing Simulator

You really do get a simulator game for pretty much everything these days! Lawn Mowing Simulator as the name suggests has you cutting grass, but there is far more to this game than that. The ultimate goal is to build up your own lawn mowing company and rake in the green… money that is not grass.

How to Download Lawn Mowing Simulator

To download the game from Steam, click on the Download button located below this review. If you like simulator games, check out also our review of Gas Station Simulator or Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

The Game Review

The game is set in the UK, in a quaint English countryside town. You start with just a mower and a strong work ethic and get to take on various jobs for people. These early jobs can be mowing a small lawn, picking up rubbish, or even getting around the edges of the garden and cutting the grass a little more specifically.

Like any simulator game, Lawn Mowing Simulator has you making money and using that money to invest in your business so that you can ultimately make more money. You can buy new mowers and the people behind the game are very excited that they licensed some of the big names (apparently, my mower knowledge is not exactly deep) in lawnmowers for this game.

The idea is that the more expensive the mower, the better it is, but I did not exactly find it that way. I purchased a bigger and faster mower with the idea being I could cut grass faster than thus take on more jobs. Instead, I found my fancy new mower to be much harder to control than the one I was using before and as a result, it was far less efficient for me.

As well as getting new mowers, you can also build up your own HQ. You do not actually get to hang around your HQ, it is more a series of menus, but you have various bays, supplies and so on to organize. I love the idea of this, I just wish that we were able to give it a bit more personality and walk around it freely.

You can also hire staff, the current version of the game (it is still in early access as I write this) allows you to hire four people to work for you. With more staff, you can take on more jobs and make more money in the process. However, this also means you have more money going out and more stuff to organize.

You can level up your employees to make them better at their job and in theory, this is a great idea. But, the more experienced and better at the job they get, the higher their wages go which is fair. However, the jobs that you take on do not offer more money so you could potentially lose money. I am sure this will be something that they address in an update, but as of right now there is no incentive to improve your staff.

The presentation of Lawn Mowing Simulator is pretty good. As someone who has spent much of their life living in the UK, I think they captured what we all feel the British countryside should look like. It is nice and clear and my only complaint is that some of the objects have hitboxes that are a tad big so when you try to mow around them, your mower hits them.

I know that to some people the idea of playing Lawn Mowing Simulator is brutal, but this is a rather addictive and fun game. While cutting crass and taking care of people’s gardens is what the game is mainly about. There is also the whole management side of it too which is a tad rough around the edges right now with the way progression is handled, but I have faith it will come good.

Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lawn Mowing Simulator is a game in which you work on the beautiful green grass of the Great Britain lawns. Download it now.
8 Total Score
Lawn Mowing Simulator Review Summary

  • Cutting the grass is very relaxing
  • I liked watching my company grow
  • There is a fair bit of management in this game
  • It has a very pretty and calming look about it
  • The progression feels out of whack right now
  • The hit detection on some stuff needs to be fixed
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