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Vysor is a very cool program that allows you to put your iOS or Android phone onto your computer and control it all from there! It has a free version that offers you limited features, but to get the best out of this, you will need to pay for it. It is a lot of fun to use and if you are a developer or use your phone a lot for work, it can be really handy in that regard too.

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To start with Vysor could not be any easier to use. Once you have joined, you open up the program, connect your phone via its USB cable, press connect and you are good to go. It literally puts your phone screen in the middle of your desktop. You then use your keyboard and mouse to control your phone.

I was impressed with how smooth it all worked. From moving left to right, opening apps, typing stuff on the keyboard, and so on. I even played a few games; I like this game called Marvel Future Fight and I was able to play that just as well as if I had my phone in my hands which was really cool.

You can type on the keyboard to send a text or a WhatsApp message and you can pretty much do everything that you can on your phone, but you are just doing it on your computer. I will say that it worked perfectly like, 90 percent of the time, on occasion there was the odd bit of slowdown, but this seemed to happen at random and it never seemed to be because I was using a demanding app.

The free version of Vysor allows you to mirror and control your phone and also take screenshots. Vysor Pro is the full version and it is packed with awesome features such as being able to make your phone go full screen. You can also drag and drop files and you can even remotely share your phone with Vysor Share which could be handy for work purposes.

The pricing of Vysor Pro is not bad at all in my opinion. You have a few different ways that you can pay for it, you can pay monthly with the cost being $2.50 per month. You can also pay $10 for a whole year and you can pay a one-off fee of $40 for a lifetime license. They even have Enterprise Licensing which is what you will need if you have a company looking to use this.

I was very impressed with what Vysor offered. I play a lot of games on my phone and there are many I have wished I could play on a bigger screen, now I can. I know there are many other uses for Vysor, but for me, being able to play some of my favorite games on my computer is the main selling point. If you are looking for a way to put your phone on your computer, this is perfect.

Vysor is a program that lets you control your Android or iOS device on the screen of your computer. Download it now.
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