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If you have any kind of Logitech gaming peripheral for your PC, you need to be using Logitech Gaming Software. Actually, that is not entirely true, you see Logitech recently released Logitech G Hub, which is the newer version. Today we are taking a look at them both so you can get a better idea of just how awesome they are.

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The Program Review

Logitech Gaming Software has been around for over a decade at this point and the idea is that it lets you customize your Logitech device to your liking. It works with mouses, keyboards, joysticks, gamepads, headsets, speakers, steering wheels, and even more. If it is a Logitech device, chances are it can be used with this.

Rather than give you just a vague description of each one, I will share with you my experience with a G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse that I have. Once you fire up the software, the screen will show you what Logitech devices are currently connected to your PC. You may have to unplug, then plug back in if one is not detected.

You select the device that you want to configure and then it will give you the various options that you can use for that specific device. The mouse that I was using was able to have the color display changed as well as making some hotkeys too. You can even change the sensitivity if you want, but I decided against messing around with that.

There are some other cool features of the software too. You can check the “health” of your device, in the case of a mouse, you can check the buttons. It has a battery setting where you can design your color display in a way that is more friendly towards the battery of your device, which is pretty neat.

Now, Logitech Gaming Software has been reliable and great for many, many years. However, Logitech G Hub has a much more streamlined and user-friendly UI in my opinion. They are both easier to use, it is just with G Hub they clearly learned more about what people like and really ran with it.

One neat feature is that you can download a profile/setting system that another user has made and use them on your own device. Being able to share stuff like this is awesome as I have seen people do some pretty funky and fun light displays with keyboards! Logitech G Hub also has streaming capabilities as well as discord functionality built-in too.

From what I have experienced all Logitech products are compatible with the latest Logitech G Hub version. The same cannot be said for Logitech Gaming Software as newer Logitech devices will only be compatible with G Hub and not the Logitech Gaming Software so it does seem like they are trying to phase it out.

In all, I think that the Logitech Gaming Software and what appears to be its replacement the Logitech G Hub are pretty awesome. I do not see any reason why someone would spend the money on a Logitech device and not use what they are offering with this as it is free to use with your Logitech device.

Logitech Gaming Software
Logitech Gaming Software is a program that lets you change how your Logitech gaming gear works. Download it now.
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