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SMF – Search my Files v14

SMF, or Search My Files, is an excellent search application and a very fast duplicate files finder with a convenient preview option. It lets you also perform basic operations on files like copying, moving, and deleting files.

How to Download SMF – Search my Files

To download the program, click on the Download button located at the end of this review. Check out also another program from the same author – AMT – Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer.

The Program Review

SMF is a strong file search and duplicate finder that compares files using hashing (MD5, CRC32, or SHA1). It includes a number of filtering options as well as a result-reporting tool that allows you to sub-filter the result set to meet your needs.

The program allows you to search for photos with specific file size or metadata; MP3s by length, author, or bitrate; and duplicate photos with specific file size or dimensions.

This program has a simple UI with a variety of search functionality, such as searching for files by location, searching for files and folders, polling filenames, extensions, times (updated, produced, accessed), file sizes, attributes (extended), and locations in long and short formats.

The Features of SMF

The program has a lot of interesting capabilities. Let’s discuss some of them.

Extract and Analyze ADS: An Alternative Data Stream (ADS) is a component of the Windows New Technology File System that stores metadata that can be used to locate a file by author or title. It can be extracted and analyzed from any file using SMF.

Hash File: A hash file is a file that has been mathematically turned into a numerical string. Only when the data has been decrypted with a hash key can it be comprehended. It accepts a set of input bytes and converts them to a fixed-length value. You get the same result if you compute the same hash again. Using SMF, different hashes can be calculated.

Md5-Driven Duplicate File: By computing the MD5 hash of each file and detecting duplicates, this quickly examines large numbers of files for identical content. SMF is used to implement md5-driven duplicate file detection. You may also get specific information about the entire process, such as the searched directories, current task, analyzed files and directories, number of items and folders that fit your filters, identified duplicate files, and MD5 hashes.

Extract True File Type: True file type identifies a file based on its internally registered data type, allowing for correct identification even if the extension is altered. SMF has the ability to extract true file types (using TrIDLib.dll) Win32 DLL library, which is based on TrID’s core engine, makes adding file identification / file recognition capabilities to any type of application a breeze. TrIDLib.dll is used by SMF as a file searcher, copier, mover, deleter, and duplicate finder, among other things.

Locate Duplicate Files: SMF (Search my Files) will be a useful tool for any user who needs to conduct searches or locate duplicate files. It can be installed or run as portable software, making it ideal for usage with a USB flash drive. Users can filter search results by date, file size, or attributes, include network drives in the scanning process, and omit hidden and system directories with Search my Files.

SMF – Search my Files
SMF – Search my Files is a program that lets you search and manage files on your machine and find duplicates. Download it now.
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