File Managers

SMF – Search my Files v14

Editor's choice SMF – Search my Files-01

SMF, or Search My Files, is an excellent search application and a very fast duplicate files finder with a convenient preview option. It lets you also perform basic operations on files like copying, ...

WinDirStat 1.1.2

Editor's choice WinDirStat-07

If you have been looking for a free disk space analyzer tool, look no more as WinDirStat offers all you need. This is completely free to use and it makes checking your various storage drives as easy ...


Editor's choice ForceDelete-002

Let me tell you there are many past versions of myself that wish they had access to something like ForceDelete! Before we really get into this, I have to tell you that ForceDelete is completely free ...


Editor's choice DriveSnap-2

If you are someone with tons of data files on a bunch of drives then DriveSnap could make your life a million times easier. It can be so tedious and not to mention annoying to look for files on USB ...


Editor's choice FileBadger05

As someone who works from home, being able to get quick access to a file or folder can be a real-life saver. Unfortunately, my computer is a mess and I am terrible at organizing things, but that is ...


Editor's choice ConCat-Split-1

Today we are taking a look at this ConCat/Split software that is designed to split and concatenate files in Windows. I have to say that this kind of software is probably not for your average Joe, but ...


Editor's choice ExpPrint-9

ExpPrint is a program that works with Windows File Explorer. It's a straightforward application and an easy tool for beginners. Using this software, users can easily view, print, and save various ...

Filelister 4.0.2

Editor's choice Filelister-8

Filelister is an efficient and reliable file listing program. This software is created by True Human Design for supporting international characters, such as UTF8 File Output. Its main purpose is to ...

WinSCP 5.21.6

Editor's choice WinSCP-2

WinSCP allows you to complete a file transfer process between a local and a remote computer without any trouble. Transfer files are a major part of numerous important tasks; however, many people are ...

Duplicate Sweeper

Editor's choice Duplicate-Sweeper-1

Duplicate Sweeper, as the name indicates, is a program that helps to find identical content on your PC. Using this software, you can easily remove the same files with ease. Whether you have duplicate ...

Rename Master 3.16

Editor's choice Rename Master-2

Rename Master is a freeware created for those who want to rename their files in a few seconds. By following a few simple methods, you can easily rename various files without disturbing any settings. ...

File managers are applications that allow you to manage files and folders. With this type of programs, the user can create or delete folders and files as well as copy them between locations on his hard drive. File managers are used to manage the structure of directories.

The most important tasks of the file managers include copying, creating, deleting, moving, searching, and renaming files and folders. Some of these applications have also various additional features. Thus you have the ability to print documents, view and edit the contents of the documents, as well as manage access rights, or connect with other computers. In the file managers, you will often find and FTP client, an advanced search engine, or an interface to connect to another computer.

The great advantage of these programs is also the fact that they make it easier to synchronize files or process operations on many files at once. In addition, they allow you to compare folders or batch-change the names of many documents at the same time.  Multimedia viewing capabilities are also available.

A file manager can be double-paneled. Examples are Total Commander, AB Commander, and Midnight Commander. The prototype for this type of programs was Norton Commander, an old DOS file manager. The double-panel system allows for very easy copying or moving of the files which can be done also with the help of keyboard shortcuts. This type of managers also allows you to create any number of bookmarks in each panel. There is also an option to enable the tree view.

Some of the file managers are available for free download, but for some of them, you have to pay. There are also those that work under a trial license.

Among the best-known file managers, we have to mention Windows Explorer built into Microsoft’s systems, as well as Total Commander, DOS Navigator, FAR Manager, Multi Commander, and Krusader.