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Passcovery Suite 22.01

Passcovery Suite contains a unique function that helps to recover the password of different file formats. It provides the fastest speed so that you can get access to your files within a few seconds. Plus, this app provides support for different formats, including MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and many more. You can recover the password of Rar, Zip, and Adobe PDF as well.

Furthermore, it also provides support for Apple iOS and Blackberry OS. This application works well with algorithms too. The famous ones that it supports include WPA and WPA2 handshake hash. You don’t have to do much while using it because it has a clean dashboard from where you can find all the important details.

Whether you are running it on AMD or Intel, it assures you good performance by providing the fastest speed. Let’s have a look at its other features.

How to Download Passcovery Suite

To download a demo of Passcovery Suite, click on the Download button below this review.

The Program Review

Recovering the password of various file formats can be a tedious task. Besides, it becomes more complicated when your files are corrupted, and you can’t get them back. However, it’s time to change your software because Passcovery Suite will resolve your issues in no time.

Also, it allows you to recover XLSX files without changing your data. Other than that, it lets you combine four dictionaries and helps you to change the password as well. You can also apply custom rules, which is also a good feature of this program. The rules that you can define are generated by using a built-in micro language.

It has an engaging GUI, which makes everything easier for first time users. Additionally, you can find a demo version on the site as well, but it comes with some limitations, such as displaying the first two digitals of the password, working with only one GPU, not providing protection against attaching, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to use other packages.

On their site, you can find different packages, including standard, professional, and ultimate. All of them consist of the same features, but the standard version only supports one GPU.

The Key Features of Passcovery Suite

The useful features of Passcovery Suite are as follows:

  1. Support for Different File Formats

It provides support for various file formats, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Furthermore, it also works with WPA and WPA2 algorithms.

  1. User-Friendly GUI

Passcovery Suite has an intuitive interface and makes sure that anyone can use it. Along with that, you can find all the important options on the dashboard.

  1. Recover Passwords Fast

It provides high speed so that you can recover the passwords within a few seconds. That means you don’t have to wait for a long time to crack an 18-character password as you can get it within 90 seconds.

  1. Different Packages

This tool consists of three different packages, including standard, professional, and ultimate. You can choose the editions according to your requirements.

  1. Command Line Interface

You can handle the settings using the Command Prompt. Plus, this software has a command-line interface which allows you to configure settings using the various commands.

Final Verdict

If you feel that a recovery password is a daunting task, and you need something simple, we recommend using this application. Even you can contact customer support if you face any issues.

Passcovery Suite
Passcovery Suite is a program that lets you recover your lost or forgotten passwords for documents in popular file formats. Download it now.
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