Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is a software for creating presentations. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2016 suite, which was released in 2015. The presentations can contain text, graphics, videos, animations, and charts. PowerPoint is used in business and education.

How to Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

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The New Features of the Whole Office Suite

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has a number of new features that are common to all the main program of the new office suite. First of all, we have the “Tell me what you want to do” window that allows users to type in what they would like to achieve in the programs. It is very handy since even if we don’t remember where a certain feature is hidden in the program’s menu, we can simply type it. As a result, we’ll receive a list of commands we can quickly use. It is enough to click.

Another new feature is the Share button. Now we can save our work in the cloud, for example on OneDrive and share with any person who has an e-mail account. Then we both can edit the document in real-time. We can also give read-only access to any with whom we might want to discuss what is in the document.

Smart Lookup is a feature that we can call up in a number of ways. First, we can right-click a word or phrase and use the context menu. Secondly, we can reach this menu item from the Review tab. The last option is to use Tell me what you want to do windows. Smart Lookup is there too. How does it work? It shows us Bing search results in the right pane. We can copy text and graphics conveniently to our presentation.

Ink equations – yet another new feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 lets us use a mouse to draw a mathematical equation rather than try to type it. It can be reached via the Insert tab and Equation menu.

New office themes, also included in PowerPoint 2016 allow us to change the look&feel of the software. They can be accessed from the File menu, from options. There are three themes available: colorful, dark gray and white.

The New Features for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

The features which are new and also PowerPoint only are not numerous. First, we have an improved Presenter View. This time we can see a whole row of previous and next slides as well as our notes. Then we have screen recording option. It enables us to record us talking with our slides in the background and produce a video, which we can then put on YouTube if we feel like it. Some new options have been also added to the animation panel. Also, we have new design themes and variants which we can use in our Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is the most popular program for creating visual presentations. It can be downloaded separately or as a part of Microsoft Office 2016 suite.
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