Microsoft Office Professional 2016

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 is an office suite which consists of a rich collection of business software. In the Professional edition, we will, of course, find the most popular programs: Word 2016 Рthe word processor, the spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint Рthe software for creating presentations. They are accompanied by Microsoft Outlook (email client), Microsoft Publisher (a tool for creating marketing brochures) and OneNote Рfor note-taking and sharing.

How to Download Microsoft Office 2016

To download the latest version of Microsoft Office, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

New Features of the Suite

In the 2016 edition, Microsoft Office Professional programs received a number of common new features. The first of them that is revealed upon launching the programs are the new theme colors. Now the ribbon of Word 2016 is dark blue, the ribbon for Excel is green, while in PowerPoint it is orange. These colors can be changed to dark gray or white.

One of the best new features in Office 2016 Professional programs is Tell me what you want to do window. It is enough to type there a command (instead of looking for it in the menu), and some suggestions will appear. For example, if we type color in PowerPoint, the program will provide a list of commands associated with what we have just typed. These will be for example Theme Colors or Border Color commands which we can click on and implement instantly. One can say that this is a younger brother of the much-hated Office Assistant which was introduced in Office 97 and removed in office 2007. Back then it was terribly annoying. Now it is a blessing.

Another great common feature is the capability to share documents online and edit them in real time.

Microsoft Outlook 2006 – New Features

In the new edition of Microsoft’s email client, we have some new features that make working with the program easier. Now the process of adding an email attachment is quicker and more convenient. Instead of browsing for the relevant file, upon clicking on the paperclip icon we receive a list of recently opened or edited files. After all, it is quite probable that we were going to attach one of them. However, if this is not the case, we can always click on the Browse This PC button.

Another thing that was made easier in Microsoft Office Professional 2016 is the process of messages deletion. Now it is enough to hover over the message and click on the red cross icon which then appears over it. A similar solution was introduced in the calendar module. To find out more about the scheduled event, instead of double-clicking, we can now just hover over it and be rewarded with a pop-up info.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016
Microsoft Office Professional 2016 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. On top of this, we receive a handy free tool OneNote.
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