Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is a very popular set of tools to facilitate work and study used by many people from around the world. As part of this package, each user has access to tools such as a word processor, spreadsheet, notepad, and a robust e-mail client. It’s not everything. Depending on the version of the package you will find in it a tool for creating presentations or the ability to support databases and tools for DTP. You will be able to create forms and even use a dedicated messenger.

Can I Download Microsoft Office 2013?

To download the latest version of Microsoft Office, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The 2013 edition might not be available, though.

The Review

Microsoft Office 2013 is used by individual users, public benefit institutions, and companies around the world. This package is used to manage, present or create data. In addition, the suite offers a touch interface and integration with the OneDrive cloud (from Microsoft).

The Microsoft Office 2013 suite offers access to Microsoft Word 2013 (a text editor that is equipped with features for editing and design, embedding documents, creating tables and graphics, using ClipArt images and diagrams, checking spelling and grammar, and others).

The suite also includes Microsoft Excel 2013, a spreadsheet that allows you to make calculations, use and create advanced formulas and functions, or add charts.

Microsoft Office 2013 also offers access to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, which in turn allows you to create slides that can contain text, diagrams, charts, images or other multimedia elements.

There is also Microsoft OneNote, a note-taking app, which lets you save text, graphics, recordings, screen captures, tables or lists. Importantly, this application is also available on smartphones and tablets.

The next available tool is Outlook, which is an e-mail client with the features of a personal assistant.

In addition, the package includes Microsoft Access (for creating and using relational databases) and Microsoft Publisher (designed to create marketing materials such as business cards, banner ads, brochures, and leaflets).

To download the program, it is sufficient to register on the download page and create a Live ID during registration. The test version, on the other hand, allows you to use the program for 60 days from the time of installation. In the program, it is possible to connect the Outlook account with the MS suite and the OneDrive cloud.

The users of MS Office 2013 appreciate, above all, the friendly interface, pleasant design, and new applications. There is also a version for Home Users and Students. This is the basic version of the Microsoft Office 2013 office suite, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft Office 2013 keeps the Ribbon menu known from the previous versionsThe program has been given the appearance of the Modern UI style, which is known from mobile devices operating under the control of the Microsoft system, or from the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, which is designed for personal computers and tablets.

The Hardware Requirements for Office 2013

The suite requires 1 GHz processor Intel Pentium / AMD Athlon or better to run, 1 GB RAM or more, at least 3 GB of free hard disk space, DirectX 10 compatible graphics card and Windows Vista operating system, 7, 8 and 8.1, 10 ( 32- / 64-bit).

Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office 2013 is an office suite that contains many useful tools. Among them, a text editor, a presentation program and a spreadsheet software. Download the latest version.
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